University Bookstore Presents Ralph Macchio And Yuji Okumoto

Saturday, October 22, 2022 - 7:00pm
4515 16th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Waxing On (Penguin Random House)

October 22, 2022 at 7:00 PM (Pacific Time)  UCC Congregational Church

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University Book Store presents Ralph Macchio and Yuji Okumoto 

University Book Store is excited to present Ralph Macchio, discussing his new book Waxing On with fellow actor Yuji Okumoto live and in person. This is a ticketed event with registration required through the link provided. Every attendee will receive a pre-signed copy of Waxing On.

The Karate Kid hit silver screens in 1984…and it was immediately clear that the film’s influence on pop culture would far surpass what anyone imagined, including the Karate Kid himself, Ralph Macchio. But that’s not the only time Macchio won over the hearts of viewers as Daniel LaRusso. Not only did The Karate Kid spawn two sequels, but its relevance continues to climb in the 21st century with Cobra Kai. Now in its 4th season (with a 5th on the way), Cobra Kai has taken television by storm, putting Daniel LaRusso back where he belongs: on the screen with millions cheering him on. Now, in his first book, Macchio reflects on a lifetime of walking in “The Karate Kid’s” shoes and the massive impact that the movie had (and still has) on pop culture and his own life in Waxing On: The Karate Kid and Me.

After the film crane-kicked its way into the hearts of viewers in the 80s, Ralph Macchio became synonymous with Daniel LaRusso, the film’s iconic underdog hero, a role he has been proud to represent ever since. In Waxing On, Macchio writes about why the legacy of The Karate Kid endures, what it was like being the face of a global franchise that inspired so many, and how The Karate Kid universe changed the course of his life forever.

From the original classic to modern remakes and the hugely popular new series, Cobra KaiThe Karate Kid is part of the pop culture fabric…and it’s still evolving. Today, Macchio is back in the spotlight, bringing The Karate Kid legacy to a whole new generation with Cobra Kai. Frequently the #1 ranked Netflix show, Cobra Kai brings back characters from the original movie and introduces new heroes into the universe. Even four decades later, it’s clear that the appetite for The Karate Kid and the wholesome themes it embodies – standing up to bullying, mentorship, and perseverance – never went away.

Waxing On also offers readers a glimpse into Macchio’s wider career and life philosophies. Macchio penned the book himself in his trademark conversational, easy-going style, letting readers in on what it was really like going from being an innocent kid from Long Island (where he still lives to this day) to one of the most recognizable actors in the world. He reflects on why the characters and themes in the original classic have endured in such a powerful way and why keeping The Karate Kid ideals alive is so important to him.

Ralph Macchio

An actor, producer, and director with an extensive list of credits, Ralph Macchio is best known for his celebrated performance as Johnny in Frances Ford Coppola’s The Outsiders; the hit film My Cousin Vinny; and most notably for the title role in the popular classic The Karate Kid and its successors. Expanding further on the Karate Kid Universe, Ralph continues to reprise his iconic role of Daniel LaRusso in the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai. He lives on Long Island with his family.

Yuji Okumoto

A veteran actor for over 40 years with over 100 productions under his name, Yuji Okumoto is best known for his breakout role in The Karate Kid, Part II as the iconic villain Chozen. He can also be seen on the hit show Cobra Kai, reprising that role and has just completed work on a film called Bloodstreams. Yuji has also produced the feature film, The Paper Tigers, which can be seen on Netflix.  Outside of the film industry, Yuji is a successful proprietor of Kona Kitchen, a Hawaiian-American restaurant and Seattle landmark for over 20 years.