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New Jersey Fan Club: Artists and Writers Celebrate the Garden State Cover Image
By Kerri Sullivan (Editor), Kerri Sullivan (Contributions by), Matthew Taub (Contributions by), Frankie Huang (Contributions by), Erinn Salge (Contributions by), Brandon Harrison (Contributions by), Mike Dawson (Contributions by), Michael C. Gabriele (Contributions by), Wills Kinsley (Contributions by), Pooja Makhijani (Contributions by), Kat Schneider (Contributions by), Chris Gethard (Contributions by), Stacey Mei Yan Fong (Contributions by), Kamelia Ani (Contributions by), Kate Morgan (Contributions by), Brittany Coppla (Contributions by), Scott Neumyer (Contributions by), Jacquinn Sinclair (Contributions by), Carlos Dengler (Contributions by), Miko Beach (Contributions by), Caren Lissner (Contributions by), Team 1:1 New Jersey (Contributions by), Raakhee Mirchandani (Contributions by), Brandon Stosuy (Contributions by), Whit Taylor (Contributions by), Alicia Cook (Contributions by), Brittany Ingersoll (Contributions by), Caiti Borruso (Contributions by), Sarah Prager (Contributions by), Elise Sacco (Contributions by), lucy dean stockton (Contributions by), Alexandra Beguez (Contributions by), Bob Varettoni (Contributions by), Jen A. Miller (Contributions by), Erica Commisso (Contributions by), Hallel Yadin (Contributions by), Kae Lani Palmisano (Contributions by), Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg (Contributions by), Linda J. Barth (Contributions by), Donnie Martino (Contributions by), Hassan Ghanny (Contributions by), Lorraine Goodman (Contributions by), Alex Flannery (Illustrator), Haley Simone (Illustrator), Jonathan Conner (LANK) (Illustrator), Emily Thompson (Illustrator), Joy Velasco (Illustrator), Kasey Bohnert (Illustrator), Julie Benbassat (Illustrator), Sean Rynkewicz (Illustrator), Mikhaila Leid (Illustrator), Veronica Casson (Illustrator), Dan Misdea (Illustrator), Kristen Broderick (Illustrator), Tori Wehringer (Illustrator), Lauren H. Adams (By (photographer)), Katie Reynolds (By (photographer)), Kate Watt (By (photographer)), Tim Kauger (By (photographer)), Brian Scully (By (photographer)), Jaclyn Sovern (By (photographer)), Donovan Myers (By (photographer)), R Justin McNeill (By (photographer)), Dan Schenker (By (photographer)), Christopher Smith (By (photographer))