I Think Differently I am me, I Am Proud To Be Me (Paperback)

I Think Differently I am me, I Am Proud To Be Me By Kylen S. Barron, Journey A. Barron, Marlene Dechert (Editor) Cover Image

I Think Differently I am me, I Am Proud To Be Me (Paperback)


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Wow What an amazing and unique adventure we have all enjoyed together You have watched me grow from infancy through my formative years into my teenage years as we've learned all about my early diagnosis of "Autism" and where we would go from here. Together, we have learned so much about my unique disorder and how, along with my family, friends, community, and an incredible team of professionals and school staff in place; we have all come together as a unit with plans in place that would allow me to find my voice.

You have witnessed my family's highs, lows, and struggles with my inability to verbalize my thoughts. You have learned about my many challenges with "Autism" as I struggled to find my voice. You have also learned about my sensory processing disorder and what keeps me calm when feeling overwhelmed. As I grow, I have come to understand the many challenges with verbal and nonverbal communication; and the imagination that faces many extraordinary people like you and me.

Throughout our incredible journey together, you have shown me so much love and support, which has given me the inner strength to become that superhero with my unique superhero voice. Through this extraordinary adventure we have traveled together, you have allowed me to be me. My challenges have become who I am. We have learned that together it takes a village, and when people like me speak, it matters. We have learned it's okay to be different, to think differently, and to be proud of who I am "I Am Me, I Am Proud To Be Me "

Journey A. Barron

Product Details ISBN: 9798987056431
Publisher: Kylen S. Barron, LLC
Publication Date: February 20th, 2023
Pages: 48
Language: English