Chronicles of the Empyrean: The Guardians (Paperback)

Chronicles of the Empyrean: The Guardians By Jasper Mills Cover Image

Chronicles of the Empyrean: The Guardians (Paperback)


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The explosive first installment in a six-book saga, Chronicles of the Empyrean: The Guardians acts as a history lesson for the last Guardian of the Empyrean as he travels through time and space to learn of the creation of pure malice and its unbreakable connection to all life.

Demetrius Aurelius Angelopoulos, who prefers to simply go by "Aurelius," is the last of his bloodline-and more importantly, the last Guardian of the Empyrean, a place created by the Universe where the souls of the cosmos can live again.

Aurelius and Hacienzo-a celestial embodiment of the Universe's memories who takes a humanoid form-utilizing ancient magic tomes found within the library of the Empyrean to travel to various locations of the events that led to the creation of D'evoldie; a being of pure malice and destruction. What follows as they travel is a heart-pounding, millennia-long battle between good and evil.

Privy to a front-row seat, Aurelius witnesses the creation of Empyrean by a random soul that falls to the Heavens named Iaspis Ka'Nata. Guided by the Seven, Iaspis constructs cities, welcomes souls from every corner of the cosmos, and becomes Empyrean's first Guardian.

After 10,000 years of defending the souls of the Heavens from countless atrocities, he can take no more suffering and attempts to remove all negative energy from existence. However, with an amalgamation of universal evil stuffed into his soul, Iaspis unknowingly brings forth the destruction of the Universe in the form of a demon named D'evoldie...

Readers will run the gambit of happiness, sadness, fear, anger, and laughter while reading Chronicles of the Empyrean: The Guardians. The novel is perfect for fans of time traveling science fiction, dark fantasy, and complex narratives.

Product Details ISBN: 9798822915275
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2023
Pages: 340
Language: English