God Looks Out For Fools (Paperback)

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God Looks Out For Fools (Paperback)


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What you are about to read is strongly based on events that are true and 100% authentic. Because I'm a proud member of the motorcycle community, and we tend to be a close-knit group, some of the organizations and names have been changed to protect the guilty. Most importantly, I don't want my ass whooped. Not that I'm scared of an ass whoopin', I just don't want to be walking down the street and BOOM ASSWHOOPIN
The ladies and gentlemen that have performed acts (legal and illegal, sexual and extremely dark) that you will read, do not want the public to know. Some are married now and traces of their past fun, excitement, and openness, would be hurtful if exposed.
This is MY story; a fucking rollercoaster full of peaks and valleys.
You will be emotionally moved.
You will hate my guts.
I will inspire you.
I am the hero.
I am the villain.
Most importantly, I am the fool.
And like my mother always said, "GOD LOOKS OUT FOR FOOLS"

About the author

"God Looks Out For Fools", is the first literary project for Ken "KP" Harrison, native Atlantan, husband, father and serial entrepreneur whose claim to fame is being able to "successfully make something out of nothing". Ken is a big guy with an even bigger personality and a natural story teller. In 2020 he decided to yield and answer his "internal call" to put pen to paper and chronicle some of the darkest and brightest moments of his colorful life. Ken currently lives in Middle Georgia with his wife, runs a successful business, and is currently pursuing political aspirations. Stay tuned for more.
Product Details ISBN: 9798527543957
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 28th, 2021
Pages: 232
Language: English