Effortless Energy Healing: A Crystal Guide For The Physical Body (Paperback)

Effortless Energy Healing: A Crystal Guide For The Physical Body By Ebony Horton Cover Image

Effortless Energy Healing: A Crystal Guide For The Physical Body (Paperback)


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Effortless Energy Healing

Discover the benefits of energy healing and how it can help you achieve greater balance and peace.
Energy healing is the practice of influencing the subtle energy flow in your body to improve your thoughts and feelings. Effortless Energy Healing Techniques introduces you to the basics of energy healing through a couple of minor exercises that you can do whenever you want. For example, do you struggle with establishing and maintaining boundaries with the people in your life? Are you extremely sensitive to other people's feelings and energy, to the point where you can't tell where theirs ends, and yours begins? Do you have trouble defending yourself against "energy vampires?" If so, you are most likely an empath in need of guidance. Fortunately, there are practical ways to stay balanced and secure your energy.
Clear and balanced energy heals your body, mind, and spirit, allowing you to live a more peaceful and comfortable life.

You can use Effortless Energy Healing Techniques to:
Begin at the beginning and practice the exercises in this book right away. No prior knowledge is required.
Try it on for size, from sound healing to crystals, and you can experiment with different types of energy healing to see what resonates with you.
Learn active healing Learn 5- to 10-minute daily routines for centering yourself on reducing pain and inner turmoil.
See for yourself what the healing power of energy can do for you. If you're empathic or highly sensitive, it's almost second nature to put others' needs ahead of your own or to take on the world's problems. But what about your well-being? Energy Healing for Empaths provides you with everything you need to heal your energy and maintain healthy boundaries with others. So, you can be happy, healthy, and in control of yourself.

Product Details ISBN: 9798451869482
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 7th, 2021
Pages: 118
Language: English