Cycling Possibilities: Volume Six (Paperback)

Cycling Possibilities: Volume Six By Elliott R. Mott Cover Image

Cycling Possibilities: Volume Six (Paperback)


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Explore the beauty of Utah on two wheels with "Cycling Possibilities: 54 Scenic Bike Routes in Utah." This comprehensive guidebook showcases a rich assortment of 54 bike routes, covering an impressive 2,176 miles of terrain. Whether you're seeking leisurely day rides or challenging alpine adventures, this book has it all.

Each bike route is brought to life through engaging narratives that provide insight into the local culture, history, and natural beauty of Utah. Accompanying maps ensure you never lose your way, while clearly marked distances and identified climbs help you plan your journey with precision.

Elliott Mott, the author, is a seasoned outdoor enthusiast with over four decades of experience. As a passionate volunteer, he has organized and led over a thousand bike rides, hikes, backpacking trips, and kayak tours. Mott's love for the outdoors led him to craft detailed maps for his rides and river tours, making navigation a breeze for fellow adventurers. His guidebooks are renowned for their exquisite maps and vibrant color photographs, and "Cycling Possibilities" is no exception.

Mott is not just an author but an advocate for active transportation solutions and the preservation of green spaces in urban areas. His dedication to promoting outdoor activities shines through in every page of this book.

Embark on a journey through Utah's stunning landscapes, from after-work training rides to morning coffee runs, area tours, alpine excursions, picnic rides, snow line chases, Sunday brunch socials, autumn foliage tours, metrics, and rides that highlight unique terrain features, historical sites, or community events. "Cycling Possibilities" is your passport to experiencing the best of Utah on two wheels.
Elliott Mott has spent over four decades helping sports enthusiasts relish the great outdoors. As a dedicated volunteer, he has orchestrated more than a thousand bike rides, hikes, backpacking expeditions, and kayak tours. Mott's early experiences taught him the value of leading by example, fueling his passion for outdoor adventures. In the pre-internet era, he meticulously crafted maps to ensure participants stayed on course during bike rides and river tours, a tradition that continues in his guidebooks. His maps and vibrant photographs have become synonymous with his work. To date, Mott's extensive database includes an impressive 23,000 miles of bicycle trails and 560 river miles. He is a fervent advocate for active transportation solutions and the preservation of green spaces in urban environments.

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Publication Date: December 19th, 2023
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