Ultimate Gout Cure Handbook: Gout Diagnosis, History, Science, Prevention and Natural Treatment Remedies (Paperback)

Ultimate Gout Cure Handbook: Gout Diagnosis, History, Science, Prevention and Natural Treatment Remedies By David Whitehead Cover Image

Ultimate Gout Cure Handbook: Gout Diagnosis, History, Science, Prevention and Natural Treatment Remedies (Paperback)


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Stop masking your health issues with medication. It's time to address--and solve--the root cause.

Once thought to be a disease of lords, more than eight million Americans, and many more times that the world over, suffer from gout- and those numbers continue to rise. With the information within this book, you will learn to not only select the right foods and make the wisest drink choices but pick activities that will make sure you remain gout-free as long as possible. Never before have humans had access to so many dietary options. Never before have we had to exert so little effort in the name of day-to-day survival. Avoid the collision of modern living, the human-animal, and body chemistry, and learn to love doing it

Offering an entertaining and in-depth dive into everything you need to know about gout, The Ultimate Gout Cure Handbook is all you need to begin treating gout yourself today. With a comprehensive look at gout, its prevention, cure, and remediation, you will be entertained and educated as you are carefully guided through the oftentimes conflicting recommendations of cutting gout out of your life.

Within these pages, you will find

  • Whether you have gout and should be concerned
  • What to do if you are at risk
  • How to treat an active flare-up
  • How to avoid future attacks
  • My 7 Step plan for ridding Gout from your life

Nobody likes having to limit their choices, but living with gout does not have to be a burden. Highlighted inside this excellent handbook are the positive side-effects and related perks of going Gout Free. No icky tonics, untested cures, or wastes of time, everything included in this book is proven to get the results you are looking for.

Make available to you are Seven Steps, presented in the order one may need them, during an active gout flare-up. As comprehensive as possible, without making your head spin, TITLE walks you through everything you need to know when regulating gout from home. Nobody wants to go to the trouble and cost of seeing a doctor and taking medicine if they can avoid it. This book aims to save you not just time but money, pain, and stress.

By the time you finish reading, you will understand not only how to treat an active flare-up and how to make sure it never returns, but why it formed in the first place. Being an ever-changing world, knowing the 'whys' of gout formation will help avoid triggers not even anticipated. This knowledge will also make sure you know how to make gout-smart selections from food and drinks not covered in this manual. Gout can be painful, but it does not have to last long or even return By taking these steps, you will dramatically reduce the likelihood of experiencing an episode of gout but shorten its duration if you do.

Whether your interest is prevention, curative, or just curiosity, you will find something of interest. Taking a light-hearted and creative approach, the author ensures you will not be bored. Avoiding the spurious, unfounded, and anecdotal makes sure your actions toward ending gout's effect on your life are not wasted, or worse, inflaming the situation further.

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Publisher: Silk Publishing
Publication Date: March 7th, 2021
Pages: 74
Language: English