The Ultimate Reference Guide to Final Fantasy (Paperback)

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The Ultimate Reference Guide to Final Fantasy (Paperback)


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Think you know Final Fantasy? Think again

This is the ultimate reference guide to Final Fantasy from the creator of The Ultimate Guide series; bestselling author The BlackNES Guy

This book is a reference guide in The Ultimate Guide series, giving you all the tools you will need to master this game

First time players or longtime masters will LOVE this guide

Over 100 full-color pages inside including:

Decide Your Own Path.

Follow the Major Events Guide or discover your own path through the game. This is not a complete walkthrough, but a guide to aid you on your journey.

Know Your Enemies.

Full tables containing information on every enemy you will face, from tiny creatures to the most difficult bosses.

Master the Magic.

Charts contain every Spell, which characters can cast them, what level it requires, and a description of its effects. Plan your battle with confidence.

Shop Smart.

Information about every Item in the game allows you to choose your purchases wisely. Weapons and Armor charts show which characters can equip them, their benefits, and their drawbacks.

And So Much More.

Whether you want to master the basics or become and expert, the information inside this book will help you play with confidence.

Complete the Game Without a Walkthrough. This book is for gamers who want to play without step by step instructions. Explore the game and discover each new encounter at your own pace.

Take your Final Fantasy knowledge to the next level with The Ultimate Guide to Final Fantasy.

Product Details ISBN: 9781989120187
ISBN-10: 1989120180
Publisher: Blacknes Guy Books
Publication Date: November 16th, 2018
Pages: 100
Language: English