I Can Hear You, Can You Hear Me? (Paperback)

I Can Hear You, Can You Hear Me? By Nolan Natasha Cover Image

I Can Hear You, Can You Hear Me? (Paperback)


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A funny and sweet--but not saccharine--jaunt through the back alleys of queer love.

Intimate, nostalgic, and surprising, the poems in I Can Hear You, Can You Hear Me?
spark connections that alter trajectory and carry lasting resonance.
Encounters across phone lines, over drinks, through walkie-talkies, and
unspoken recognitions between queer bodies fill this collection with
explorations of what it means to be seen.

The micro-narratives in I Can Hear You, Can You Hear Me? both
celebrate and grieve the connections they illuminate. Nolan Natasha's
poetry is plainspoken but lyrical, sweet but frank, nostalgic but
unromanticized, combining the atmosphere of Eileen Myles with the
musical insight of Helen Humphreys. These poems bring an unflinching
examination and a keen sense of humour to moments of human connection
and self-exploration.

"Nolan Natasha's writing is so clear-eyed, funny, tender, and absorbing. I love these poems and this sparkling debut."--Zoe Whittall

Product Details ISBN: 9781988784380
ISBN-10: 1988784387
Publisher: Invisible Publishing
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Pages: 88
Language: English