The Asylum Confessions (Paperback)

The Asylum Confessions By Jack Steen Cover Image

The Asylum Confessions (Paperback)


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They arrive alive. They leave dead.
But first, they give me their confessions.

My name is Jack Steen. That name shouldn't mean anything to you. Unless you're about to die. And then I'm your bloody guardian angel. I work as a night nurse in the Asylum for the criminally insane.

My name is the only real name you'll find in this book. I won't tell you which hospital I work at. I won't tell you the names of those dying.But I won't lie to you.You'll read exactly what I'm told.

If you're smart, if you're deranged enough to read between the lines, you'll know who is telling the story.

They could be playing their final game with me by messing with my head. Now, maybe they're messing with yours too.

Inside this book are 4 confessions:
One has an interesting 'appetite'.
One was the Ken to his Barbie, and he would do anything to keep her happy.
Another is a Nanny, but not one you want watching your kids.
The other is the sweetest soul you'd ever meet but you'll have a hard time reading her confession.

WARNING: There is swearing in this book. And some stories might be a trigger for something you have a hard time handling. But, these are the confessions of serial killers, mass murderers and such.

Product Details ISBN: 9781987877380
ISBN-10: 1987877381
Publisher: Prestwick Circle
Publication Date: June 7th, 2021
Pages: 342
Language: English