Infinite Travels: The Time Traveling Children's History Activity Book - Civil Rights Movement (Paperback)

Infinite Travels: The Time Traveling Children's History Activity Book - Civil Rights Movement By Stephen Palmer Cover Image

Infinite Travels: The Time Traveling Children's History Activity Book - Civil Rights Movement (Paperback)


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Shake Hands in the Civil Rights Movement with Infinite Travels Children's History and Activity Books

'If your child liked Where The Wild Things Are, they'll love Infinite Travels.'
- The Huffington Post

Explore the FUN facts about history hands-on with Billy, your Infinite Travels guide In this exciting issue, Billy takes you to the year 1947, when the Civil Rights Movement took place and racial equality was in question. Take a look back to when America began to coexist. Meet famous activists and politicians like Martin Luther King Jr., Jackie Robinson, Abraham Lincoln and many more who paved the way for equality in this action-packed history lesson for kids Fun games and trivia inside every activity book

Author's Note
It all started with an idea, which led to a book series. The idea is rooted into my childhood memories: dressing up as my favorite action-figure and running around the neighborhood; pretending I was that toy. I wanted to literally, run with that idea - a boy with his imagination. However, I had another passion to share with the world - fun ways to learn new things. I wanted to show others how much fun it could be to learn about topics such as History, with just a touch of imagination to boost the motivation for learning about each topic. So I created Billy and his Infinite Travels universe, where and eager to explore young reader can travel along with Billy, and travel to not just different places, but to different time periods, as well.

Enjoy seeing colorful and exciting illustrations, meeting prominent historical figures, as well as experiencing historical events hands-on that formulated our world as we know it today. Billy uses his trusty Time Machine to take the reader to a famous time and place; educating them in a life-like manner about what events took occurred. The best part is, each issue has fun games and trivia at the end of every lesson - a great value for hours of educational entertainment. Stay tuned for more Infinite Travels

- Stephen Palmer
Stephen Palmer is known world-wide for his wild cartoon style and endless imagination. Creator of Burt the Worm(TM), JungleVille(TM), The Escape from Swiss Cheese Island(TM) and Infinite Travels(TM) available on Amazon(TM) and Barnes and Noble(TM) all under SP Productions. Other affiliated projects include cartoon and animation for Anitopia(TM), InTour(TM) and Story Drops(TM) available on the iTunes App Store(TM) and Google Play(TM). Stephen illustrates Buddy the Motocross Bike(TM) available on Amazon(TM) and Barnes and Noble(TM). He works with a wide variety of mediums from graphic and motion design to illustration, animation and VFX. Stephen is well known for his consistant reputation of creating professional, and distinctive products while working within an art style that is unlike any other. At a young age, Stephen enjoyed reading Bill Watterson's 'Calvin and Hobbes' and tracing illustrations out of Shel Silverstein's poem books like 'Light in the Attic' and 'The Giving Tree'. Today whenever he has the spare time, he enjoys watching cartoons and movies, playing lacrosse, gold panning and cooking. Stephen aims to bring happy, sadness joy and laughter to all his viewers, young and old. *For more information on Stephen Palmer visit his IMDB or view Stephen's Demo Reel: IMDB: http: // Vimeo: https: //

Product Details ISBN: 9781986373111
ISBN-10: 1986373118
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 29th, 2016
Pages: 32
Language: English
Series: Civil Rights Movement