Weird World War IV (Mass Market)

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Weird World War IV (Mass Market)


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What if there were a war after Armageddon? How would the survivors emerging from World War III’s radioactive slag heaps fight in this conflict? Would they wage it with sticks and stones . . . and sorcery? Or would they use more refined weapons, elevating lawfare to an art and unleashing bureaucratic nightmares worse than death? Would they struggle against themselves or inter-dimensional invaders? What horrors from the desolate darkness might slither into the light? Wipe away the ashes of civilization and peer into a pit of atomic glass to witness the haunting visions of World War IV from today’s greatest minds in science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Contributors include:
Jonathan Maberry      
Steven Barnes     
D.J. Butler     
Brad R. Torgersen     
Martin L. Shoemaker 
T.C. McCarthy
Eric James Stone  
Stephen Lawson
Freddy Costello and Michael Z. Williamson
Laird Barron
Nick Mamatas            
Brian Trent    
Erica L. Satifka          
Kevin Andrew Murphy         
Maurice Broaddus and Rodney Carlstrom    
David VonAllmen     
Deborah A. Wolf       
Nina Kiriki Hoffman 
Julie Frost                  
Weston Ochse
John Langan  

Praise for Weird World War IV:
"Hazlett follows Weird World War III by looking even further into the future at the war after the next big one... the sheer weirdness of many of these pieces is a testament to the genre’s creativity and verve."  —Publishers Weekly

"Stories in this anthology range from dystopian in nature to hard-core sci-fi... With the diversity of authors in this collection, the stories cover a wide range of genres, viewpoints, and styles. This book has it all... There is a short story for just about any type of audience. Come take a look at the absurdity of future wars." Manhattan Book Review

"Although this might seem to be a limited theme, the various authors have risen to the challenge, and produced a wide variety of fiction incorporating science fiction and fantasy concepts into tales of struggles that do not always take place on battlefields." —Tangent Online

"This book raises questions about who has access to what technology and to what ends that technology is used. In some of these stories, there is a philosophical core that makes the heart-thumping action all the more meaningful... Much like the previous anthology, I enjoyed it quite a lot."—Never Was Magazine

Praise for Weird World War III:

"Weird World War III stokes our collective fears with tales of worst-case scenario nightmares by some of the best writers in the business."—This Is Horror UK

"A fascinating way to see how different authors of speculative fiction approach a similar theme... an enjoyable collection of speculative fiction presenting several interesting takes on WWIII scenarios between the US and Russia, the overall quality was high."—Tangent Online

"A collection that runs the gamut in terms of what it does with the premise."—Sea Lion Press

"Weird World War III is a buffet of war-related speculative fiction, guaranteed to entertain anyone who likes destroying humanity. Who would have known that blasting this species to Kingdom Come could be so fun?"—Never Was Magazine

Product Details ISBN: 9781982192402
ISBN-10: 1982192402
Publisher: Baen
Publication Date: December 27th, 2022
Pages: 496
Language: English