Organic Bath & Body: Make All Natural Bath Bomb, Body Butter & Body Scrubs (Paperback)

Organic Bath & Body: Make All Natural Bath Bomb, Body Butter & Body Scrubs By Molly Barrett Cover Image

Organic Bath & Body: Make All Natural Bath Bomb, Body Butter & Body Scrubs (Paperback)


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★Easy DIY Bath Bombs, Body Butter & Body Scrub★

Are you the type of person who's serious about feeding your family organic meals?

Do you make special trips to the different area grocery stores and local farmer's markets to ensure that everything your family eats is free of carcinogens and other health-threatening synthetic substances?

That's great So why do you settle for buying bath products that are loaded with additives that are known to potentially cause health problems to raise the odds of you and your family members eventually developing serious diseases, illnesses and disorders?

There are better alternatives Let me show you how

This book is a result of my friends begging me to put my expertise and my recipes on paper. I share these with you because of my intention that every family should have an alternative to bath products that may have less-than-healthy ingredients.

YOU can take action

Several years ago, I was where you stand right now. Looking back, I call it my fork-in-the-road moment. It was the moment I decided to take action against what I had been railing about and take on, in my own small way, the giant manufacturers of these products.

Today I make all the body bombs my family uses - and I give even more away as gifts. So many of my friends have been really supportive. I'm even considering selling them at local craft festivals and online. Oh, I'm not out to earn a fistful of money with these products, although you could very easily. No, for me, it's more about ensuring that consumers are aware of the possible dangers of store-bought ones.

Bath bombs make great gifts

I also make body butter for just about every member of the family and body scrubs, or exfoliates, that slough off extra dead skin cells and allow the new ones to grow healthier and more radiant.

In my book, you will learn:

  • The Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need for Bath Bombs
  • All About Colorings, Scents, and "Accessories"
  • Resolving Common Issues
  • 6 Fun and Unique Bath Bomb Recipes
  • What Makes Body Butter Different?
  • Benefits of Body Butter
  • Making Organic Body Butter with Ingredients and Equipment
  • 7 Soothing and Luxurious Body Butter Recipes
  • The Benefits of Body Scrub
  • How to Make Natural Body Scrub
  • 3 Exfoliating, Natural Body Scrub Recipes

Here is one of my favorite recipes from this book:

Simple Whipped Body Butter


1 cup coconut oil

1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

A few drops of essential oil for fragrance


1. Put all the ingredients into a large bowl. Don't melt the coconut oil, just place it in the bowl with the other ingredients. Mix all of this on high speed with a wire whisk for a minimum of six minutes or until the ingredients have assumed a light and airy consistency.

2. Spoon the body butter into a glass jar. Cover securely. Store it at room temperature or, if you'd like, you could refrigerate it. You may want to do the latter if you either live in a warmer climate or in summer.

I am a big believer in making your own bath products. I think that everyone should be doing it, and you should, too Click BUY NOW to add this title to your cart so you can start TODAY

Praise for Molly Barrett:

"Molly's depth of knowledge is great I have all of her books " - Sara D., Home Vlogger

"Not everyone is like Molly who wants to learn new hobbies and spend time mastering the techniques. But knowing the harsh effects of commercial soaps, I too decided to learn how to make bath soaps, bath bombs and other body products at home for my own family. Molly was my mentor and though I am not passionate about making soap but for me it is like cooking, we all have to do it to feed our family. I am glad she is finally ready to share her vast knowledge on the simple and easy bath and body product making process. If you are like me, then you will enjoy her process, it takes just a day to start making them. I am not kidding, seriously! Just a day and you will be on your way to making beautiful bath bombs, body butter and even Body Scrubs. Enjoy!" - R. KellerMolly Barrett author of DIY Melt and Pour Soap Crafting and Organic Bath & Body book is a homemaker, an avid reader and a master soap crafter. She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband Mark and her son Larry.
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