Think Different: Why Conventional Wisdom About Happiness, Confidence And Fulfillment Is Wrong And The Counterintuitive Methods That Wor (Cognitive Development #6) (Paperback)

Do you feel that your life lacks meaning and purpose? Have you lost the idea of who you truly are? Do you avoid the real problems in your life?Fears and insecurities are completely normal, but how can we deal with them in a proactive and healthy manner? Think Different will answer this question.We've been told that positive thinking, repeating affirmations and "faking it till you make it" were the key to a happy, fearless, confident living.But do they lead to happiness? Our smartest philosophers have been seeking the answer to this question for thousands of years. In the 20th century, the key to happiness seems to be having more, working less, having fun, being skinny and taking fancy pictures for social media.Somewhere between the improved living standards, positive thinking and gigantic expectations we're choking on anti-depressants, alcohol, cheeseburgers and our tears. Learn how to turn the expectation ship around.This book is a raw, honest, deeply personal, refreshingly transparent look at why and how we sabotage our own lives and what to do about it. It goes against the conventional be-happy-at-all-costs mindset. This book uses a combination of the profound and the practical, backed by academic research to help us understand why we feel overwhelmed, lacking meaning and insecure over time and how to rise above them.Learn to see pain as a teacher.-Reduce stress and worry in your life -Overcome insecurity and self-doubt -Handle physical and mental pain and fear more effectively -Crush self-sabotaging "positivity" habits -Value the whole range of emotions that make up lifeUnderstand what life is really made of.-Why success doesn't lead to happiness-How eliminating options leads to more choice-How "positive thinking" brainwashed generations, keeping them from real happiness-How to discover your limitations and accept them-How to choose to care about the things that truly matter in lifeThe moment you accept that life isn't supposed to be painless, that having fears, flaws and doubts is utterly human, once you stop chasing happiness, perfectionism, and compulsory compliance, you'll start seeing the real meaning of life. Stop avoiding your problems. Confront them instead. This may hurt and be unpleasant at first, but it liberates you from your self-made prison. Catch courage, cling on curiosity, practice perseverance, and find forgiveness.
Product Details ISBN: 9781973867180
ISBN-10: 1973867184
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 24th, 2017
Pages: 150
Language: English
Series: Cognitive Development