Ten Thousand Stars (The Jim Weiss Audio Collection) (CD-Audio)

Jim Weiss performs thrilling, engaging poetry for listeners from middle school age through adults. Covering a tremendous assortment from three centuries and three continents, the recording presents works by, and tells the stories of, master poets from the U.S., England, Wales, India, and Ireland.

The Highwayman thunders up his moonlit road; the Tyger stalks the forest; the Statue of Liberty invites the world to find refuge, and the mysterious land of Xanadu beckons the traveler. Hear poems by, and learn about the lives of, poets from three centuries and three continents. Listen to favorites from Longfellow, Blake, and others, while also enjoying poets that may be new to you.

Beloved storyteller Jim Weiss performs unabridged, thrilling, engaging poetry for listeners from middle school age through adults.

In 1989, Jim Weiss set out on a mission: to record the greatest stories he knew from world literature and history, and inspire families -- especially young listeners -- with a passionate love of the original classics. In the three decades since then, Jim's narration voice and seemingly numberless character voices have formed foundational entertainment and education for millions of listeners around the world.Winning hundreds of awards, Jim’s recordings range on the literary side from fairy tales through stories from Shakespeare, Dickens and Conan Doyle, while his history recordings bring to vivid life major historical events and personalities from the ancient world through the twentieth century.The inspiration for all this began early, with parents and grandparents who told stories and read aloud to him, skills which Jim joyously acquired, and which led him to a degree in Communications and Speech from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Later, his wife, Randy, earned her own national awards as a teacher and counselor, and their shared passion for learning led to forming their company in 1989, long before the explosion of spoken word recordings made this a "sensible" decision. The recordings began winning listeners and national awards from the first. A few years ago, the Weiss's licensed their recordings and business operations to Well-Trained Mind Press, which has successfully introduced Jim's work into still more markets, while Jim continues to write, record, teach and perform.
Product Details ISBN: 9781945841156
ISBN-10: 194584115X
Publisher: The Well-Trained Mind Press
Publication Date: September 5th, 2017
Language: English
Series: The Jim Weiss Audio Collection