Ajin 4: Demi-Human (Ajin: Demi-Human #4) (Paperback)

Encouraged by a fellow demi-human's stunt, many more who have been keeping a low profile come out the woodworks. Their morals vary—and a high schooler Kei Nagai is by no means the most decent among them.
Gamon Sakurai is a Japanese comic book artist from Tokyo. Born in 1986, Sakurai was selected for the Afternoon Magazine Four Seasons Award for New Comic Artists. Upon being selected for the award his short story was published and he was selected for editorial review by manga publishing giant Kodansha. Sakurai would make his publishing debut with indie publisher Issuisha in 2010, releasing a short story anthology. He would then work with Kodansha to work on his first feature length series AJIN: Demi-Human in 2012.
Product Details ISBN: 9781941220443
ISBN-10: 1941220444
Publisher: Vertical Comics
Publication Date: April 7th, 2015
Pages: 194
Language: English
Series: Ajin: Demi-Human