Country Music Broke My Brain: A Behind-the-Microphone Peek at Nashville's Famous and Fabulous Stars (Hardcover)

Country Music Broke My Brain: A Behind-the-Microphone Peek at Nashville's Famous and Fabulous Stars By Gerry House, Reba McEntire (Foreword by) Cover Image

Country Music Broke My Brain: A Behind-the-Microphone Peek at Nashville's Famous and Fabulous Stars (Hardcover)

By Gerry House, Reba McEntire (Foreword by)


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Nashville is filled with stars and lovers and writers and dreamers. Nashville is also teeming with lunatics and grifters and dip wads and moochers. Gerry House fits easily into at least half of those categories. Someone would probably have to be brain-damaged or really damn talented to try to entertain professional entertainers over a decades-long radio show in Music City, USA.

Fortunately, House is little of both.

Host of the nationally syndicated, top-rated morning show, “Gerry House & The Foundation" for more than 25 years, he has won virtually every broadcasting award there is including a place in the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Gerry also spent that time deep inside the songwriting and recording world in Nashville.

In Country Music Broke My Brain, Gerry tells his stories from the other side of the microphone. He reveals never-aired, never-before published conversations with country music's biggest names—Johnny Cash, Brad Paisley, and Reba McEntire to name a few—and leaves you with his own crazy antics that will either have you laughing or shaking your head in disbelief.

With exclusive celebrity stories, humorous trivia and anecdotes, and broadcasting wisdom, this book is a treat for country music fans or for anyone who wants a good laugh.
Gerry House worked in the music industry's famed Music Row district in Nashville for 30 years, the last 22 of which found him behind the microphone every weekday morning hosting Gerry House & The House Foundation, the top-rated morning radio show on WSIX-FM, for more than 20 years and broadcast nationally via Sirius/XM.

Gerry is, first and foremost, a writer. He wrote his own daily radio material and also stand-up jokes and TV scripts for other shows for years, including the ACM Awards, the CMA Awards, the CMT Awards, and American Idol.

He's also written more than 50 songs recorded by artists including Brad Paisley, LeAnn Rimes, George Strait, Reba McEntire, Randy Travis, Clint Black, Trace Adkins and many others. His hits such as "Little Rock," "On The Side of Angels," "The Big One" and "The River and the Highway" have sold millions of records.
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Publication Date: March 4th, 2014
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"I cannot think of another single person with as much talent and imagination as [Gerry] possesses. When we get the chance to go out and have dinner together, I can verify that his table manners are impeccable."
—Barbara Mandrell

"There was never a time Gerry House wasn't in my house or in my car when he was on the radio and I was in Nashville. I'd listen just so I could steal his stuff. Seriously, he is such a funny, talented, and good human being. I can't wait to read this book and I bet you can't either."
—Dolly Parton

"There's nothing more uncomfortable than being around someone that tries to be funny and isn't. Gerry House IS f****** funny!"
—Ronnie Dunn

"Being in the music business for 38 years means I've met a lot of different people and made a lot of friends. One of my best friends is Gerry House. When he told me he was writing a book, after I wiped off the sweat, because I don't know what he'll say about me, I was so excited to one day buy a copy and read it. Gerry tells a great story. This book is gonna be great!"
—Reba McEntire

"I've known Gerry for almost 20 years. In that time he has made me laugh out loud 15,602 times, give or take a few. He's a great man and a great friend. And he better write nice things about me in his book."
—Martina McBride

"Only once in my thirty years in Nashville have we been blessed with what I would consider 'true talent' on the airwaves. I, like most everyone in town would look forward to waking up and tuning in to the humor, quick wit, and reflective wisdom of Gerry House... He bailed on us and left a void on the radio that may never be filled."
—Kix Brooks

"Gerry is the funniest, most knowledgeable, creative, and interesting person I know. From the day we met he has made me think, laugh, and stare in amazement at the way he can make the simplest things in life interesting and compelling. He became an icon to an industry that often forgets fast about the great people that built Country music and radio."
—Clay Hunnicutt, Executive VP of Programming, Clear Channel Media & Entertainment

"Gerry House is a beloved, hilarious Nashville icon. Friend to the superstars, Gerry is a keen observer and sardonic story-teller, a distinctive deadpan voice on the radio, gifted with a terrific ear for the absurd. When a country star fires off a perfectly-twisted joke or clever pun on a TV Awards show, I often think, 'Damn, I know Gerry House ghost-wrote that line!'"
—Brian Philips, President, Country Music Television

"Gerry is simply the very best at what he does. The radio sounds lonely without him on it."
—Jay DeMarcus, Rascal Flatts

"Gerry House, Radio Personality, a Songwriter of note in the Nashville recording community. So now my friend Gerry writes a book..... (insert cricket sounds here)... No doubt the closest thing to a death blow the literary world will have suffered to date...but probably funnier than hell."
—Michael McDonald