Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research (Hardcover)

Focusing on research that examines both individual and organizational behavior relative to accounting, Volume 25 of Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research uncovers emerging theories, methods and applications.

From the dark triad, ethical fading, and ethicality of behavior to the effects of CSR reputation and crisis response strategy on investor judgements, the authors compile innovative and new explorations into the behavioral aspects of accounting and audit. Working on both the individual and organizational level, this collection is essential reading for accounting students and educators, providing a unique, interdisciplinary forum with valuable insights on practice for those working in the field.

Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research promotes research across all areas of accounting, incorporating theory from, and contributing knowledge to, the fields of applied psychology, sociology, management science, ethics and economics.

Dr. Khondkar E. Karim is a Professor of Accounting and Chair at Manning School of Business, University of Massachusetts, U.S.A, and a Certified Public Accountant. Karim's research interests are in financial accounting, market-based accounting, behavioral accounting, judgment decision making, content analysis, impact of regulatory changes on accounting numbers, audit pricing, audit quality, and cost management.

Product Details ISBN: 9781803828022
ISBN-10: 1803828021
Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited
Publication Date: August 25th, 2022
Language: English
Series: Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research