The Stop Smoking Adult Coloring Book: Relieve Stress and Anxiety While You Quit Smoking (Coloring Books for Adults #6) (Paperback)

Do you want to quit smoking and color some AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL images? Do you want to stop smoking...without the stress or weight gain?

Are you struggling to get up in the morning and craving a cigarette? Or just ready to start enjoying some freetime without thinking about your addiction?

Let's be honest: Most books and journals on smoking are boring, distracting and fail to get to the root cause. How often do you smoke just because your bored?

Putting a clear and visual goal in front of you WORKS.

The Stop Smoking Adult Coloring Book is a POWERFUL addition to any technique you are using to quit smoking - from aids and medications to hypnosis and patches.

Half the time it's boredom that lets those cravings slip in the door. With this anti-smoking coloring book, you are replacing those cravings with positive reinforcement. And when you get in the zone, you'll be do distracted that the desire to smoke will fade away.

You Cannot Underestimate the Power of Multiple Strategies in the War on Smoking
When you quit smoking your life will transform:
  • Save money that you spend on toxic cigarettes and stop funding companies that hate you
  • Feel healthy again as your body transforms and you reverse the aging process.
  • Stop the judgment. Our society has turned against smokers and the dirty looks won't stop until you say goodbye to smoking forever
  • Don't gain weight. Smoking gives us something to do with our hands and mouths, when we let go we need something to fill the gap - use this book instead of food.
  • Improve your looks, your health and your social status as your body recovers from nicotine addiction

This original coloring book is filled with over FORTY-FIVE original designs for you to enjoy. Each one of them is a reminder of the past you're leaving behind and the beautiful future in front of you.

Here's what this book ISN'T: this isn't a stop smoking strategy or guide book, it's a supplement to the techqniques that already work. It's a tool to replace the bad smoking habit by stacking healthy and effective positive habits.

Never wonder if you're going to backslide again. The Stop Smoking Adult Coloring Book will help you, even if you decide to quit smoking cold turkey.

It's time to stop smoking and start coloring, scroll back up and click the add to cart button now.
Product Details ISBN: 9781790776009
ISBN-10: 1790776007
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 7th, 2018
Pages: 104
Language: English
Series: Coloring Books for Adults