Winter Sports Records (Hardcover)

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Winter Sports Records (Hardcover)


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From the adrenaline-fueled, heart-racing action on the slopes to the graceful ballet of figure skating, winter sports pack a special rush all their own.

This trivia-filled volume captures all the excitement of cold-weather action, with information on the origins of skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey and more, as well as coverage of the great athletes who left their marks in the record books. A must-have for every sports fan.

Dan Diamond wrote Carlton's "Treasures of the National Hockey League" and "Complete Hockey

Records 2012." He is the publisher of the annual "National Hockey League Official Guide & Record Book" and editor of the "Total Hockey Encyclopedia." In addition, Dan wrote books to celebrate the NHL's 75th anniversary in 1991 and the Stanley Cup's centenary in 1992, as well as comprehensive media guides in print and online for the Winter Olympic Games and World Cup of Hockey. He lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.
Product Details ISBN: 9781780971667
ISBN-10: 1780971664
Publisher: Carlton Books
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2012
Pages: 224
Language: English