The Infographic Guide to Science (Paperback)

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The Infographic Guide to Science (Paperback)

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The fundamentals of science in groundbreaking visuals, from the Big Bang to Artificial Intelligence.

Discover how the world really works in this spectacular journey through space and time that shows the development of the material Universe from the first cataclysmic moments to the emergence of human and machine intelligence. The Infographic Guide to Science presents the unfolding science that lies behind then and now.

Starting from the point of physical origin, the book moves through quarks, atoms, molecules and stars; to planet building, organic chemistry, the emergence of life, and finally on to sentience, the human mind, and its quest to understand the Universe.

Spectacular visuals give insight into how the world really works, covering all the major branches of scientific understanding. Using vast amounts of information to cross-reference a breadth of different subject areas, the book features physics, cosmology, chemistry, earth science, biology, non-science, medicine, engineering, and computer technology.

Four core sections follow the progression of scientific theory and discoveries over time. These chapters, with examples, are:

  • The Universe -- The Geometry of the Universe, Universal Matter, Thermodynamics, Chemical Bonds, Supernovas, Nuclear Fisson
  • Earth -- Planet Formation, Rocketry and exploration, The Lithosphere, Extreme weather, Aqueous chemistry, Nucleic acid
  • Life -- The Great Oxygenation Event, Chromosomes, Multicellular Precambrian Life, Gills vs. Lungs, Evolution of grasses
  • Humans -- Leakey-Laetoli Footprints, Language Instinct, Muscular-skeletal System, Brain development, Emotion, Futurology.

Even with the most skilled teacher, the sciences can be overwhelming to absorb and understand. The Infographic Guide to Science utilizes the power of visual design and succinct, authoritative text to illustrate and instruct such that readers can follow in the order and at the pace they prefer.

Tom Cabot is a London-based book editor and designer with a background in experimental psychology, natural science, and graphic design. He founded the packaging company Ketchup, and has produced and illustrated many books for the British Film Institute and the Royal Institute of British Architects.
Product Details ISBN: 9781770857919
ISBN-10: 1770857915
Publisher: Firefly Books
Publication Date: September 20th, 2016
Pages: 256
Language: English