Rope: A History of the Hanged (Paperback)

Rope: A History of the Hanged By Amanda Howard Cover Image

Rope: A History of the Hanged (Paperback)


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This is a short history of the hanged … criminal and political cases, the guilty and the wrongly accused.

There are some incredible stories herein, badly conducted hangings, innocent men and women, miraculous survivals and horrific deaths. Writer Amanda Howard has uncovered and relatively unknown history, delving into case studies of individuals and entire communities, even, obsessed with hanging throughout the ages.

Rope: A History of the Hanged takes the reader on a journey throughout the history of hanging, detailing the evolution of what was once a common method of capital punishment from the development of the drop to the invention of the gallows by Tyburn Gallows, readers will be enlightened on the mechanisms of the act of hanging as well as famous executioners like Albert Pierrepoint and William Calcraft.

The book covers a multitude of hangings including mass hangings like the Salem Witch Trials and the Nuremburg Trials, botched executions like that of Eva Dugan and the hanging of innocents.

Rope: A History of the Hanged is the perfect addition for the inquisitive mind, eager to learn more about the history of crime and capital punishment throughout the development of our world.

True crime and fiction writer Amanda Howard is the author of several other books, including ‘Predators: Killers Without Conscience and Innocence Lost’,

‘A Killer in the Family’ and ‘Murder on the Mind’.

She is also an expert consultant in serial killers. Over the last two decades she has interviewed some of the world’s most heinous murderers, and collected a vast pool of information about killers’ motives and rituals. She has authored many journal articles on serial killers as well as been a guest on crime shows on radio, online, television and in print.

She has worked as an expert for many current affairs and news programs regarding vicious crimes, juvenile murderers, serial killers and sex offenders.

Product Details ISBN: 9781742576923
ISBN-10: 1742576923
Publisher: New Holland Publishers
Publication Date: September 19th, 2016
Pages: 208
Language: English