Six-Minute X-Ray: Rapid Behavior Profiling (Paperback)

Six-Minute X-Ray: Rapid Behavior Profiling By Chase Hughes Cover Image

Six-Minute X-Ray: Rapid Behavior Profiling (Paperback)


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★ Surgical Behavior Profiling ★

With skills specifically designed for intelligence operations, Chase Hughes releases yet another groundbreaking book.

In Six Minute X-Ray(TM), you'll learn the most powerful people-reading system in the world. Chase exposes and unpacks simple techniques that come together to allow you to see beyond the mask that anyone is wearing.

In less than six minutes, you'll know more about the hidden side of the person you're speaking to than their own friends and family - no joke.

◆ How to see behind the masks people wear

◆ Identify anyone's hidden fears and insecurities in less than 5 minutes

◆ Quickly and easily get an 80% read of a person before you meet

◆ Enable people to become the most vulnerable, open, confident, and best version of themselves during the first six minutes of meeting them

◆ Discover hidden secrets about a person in six minutes that gives you access to their most hidden beliefs and values

◆ Use this information to create undivided attention and cooperation

◆ Exactly how to tune in and adapt your language to the internal language of anyone you speak to

◆ Detect deception the moment it occurs, and know exactly how to deal with it

◆ Professionally qualify or disqualify the person or team you're meeting within your first meeting

◆ Get past the social and corporate mask of the person you're meeting with - see them as they are

◆ Determine the truth behind the desires, fears, and motivations of your counterpart - EVEN WHEN THEY DON'T TELL YOU

◆ Read a room of people like a Special Agent - guaranteed

◆ Recognize dominance, fears, and needs before you speak with the person or group you choose

◆ Become aware of your own social needs and weaknesses and prevent yourself from being misled or manipulated

◆ Instantly identify the physical position to take when speaking with your person of interest

◆ Create rapport with the person instead of the mask they're wearing

◆ Identify the subtle signs of an individual's positive and negative body language and emotional affect - utilize this to your advantage

◆ Identify and bring out deep concerns and doubts in a way that brings you closer to the person/ team you're dealing with

◆ Among other small details, learn how small finger movements will always tell you if the person is becoming more open to your ideas

And so much more...


Product Details ISBN: 9781735141602
ISBN-10: 1735141607
Publisher: Evergreen Press (AL)
Publication Date: December 10th, 2020
Pages: 268
Language: English