Feond: Order Of Nine Angles - Toward Internal Adept (Paperback)

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The texts included in this book deal with the Occult philosophy of a Western tradition older than the modern Qabalah based Occultism of other groups and movements.

These advanced texts - and the knowledge they impart - are likely to be of use to those who have an interest in learning about an esoteric tradition with roots in Greco-Roman culture, Hellenistic mysticism, and Renaissance Occultism, or those who are already associated with O9A and aspire to, or have already achieved, the O9A grade of Internal Adept. This book takes the public profile of the O9A to "the next level".


O9A 101
Esoteric Learning Presenced Through Pathei-Mathos
Seven Fold Way Of The Order Of Nine Angles:
The Seven Stages
Insight Roles
Grade Rituals
The Septenary System
Rounwytha Option
An O9A Occult Rite
The Deofel Quintet
Labyrinthos Mythologicus
Tree Of Wyrd And The Star Game
Aesthetic Of The O9A
The Avenging Alastoras
The Numinous, Empathy, And The O9A
The Nine Angles And Acausal Energy
Appreciating καλὸς κἀγαθός and the O9A
Mimesis, Sorcery, And Anglicized Names
Archaic Spelling In O9A Esoteric Tradition
Western Pagan Curses And Invocations
The Corpus Hermeticum
Non-English Names And Terms
Art Of Shrenching
Alleged O9A National Socialism
De Vita Coelitus Comparanda
The Somnium Scipionis Of Cicero
Calender Dates and Aural Traditions
Sorcery In Virgil's Aeneid
Baphomet - An Esoteric Signification
Appendix: Geryne of Satan

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