An Avoided Conversation: Can Non-Christians Go to Heaven? (Paperback)

An Avoided Conversation: Can Non-Christians Go to Heaven? By Roland Niemetschek Cover Image

An Avoided Conversation: Can Non-Christians Go to Heaven? (Paperback)


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Have you ever wondered whether people who are not Christians can go to heaven? This question seems to be avoided in many churches. Why is that? Could it be that it raises other challenging questions?

  • Where does a "no" answer lead?
  • Where does a "yes" answer take us?

Roland takes the reader to the place where it is best to deal with difficult questions, which is to thoroughly and honestly consider what Jesus taught. Having conversations centered on the way of Jesus is the sweet spot of truth that can provide assurance and integrity for the way of the Christ-follower. The book will be a comfort to some and discomfort to others, but it will bring us all closer to the heart of heaven. Good questions can unite us, and Roland is asking a good question that will serve the church of Jesus Christ well.

Rev. Dr. Lonnie Richardson-Founder, Fox River Congregational Church, Pewaukee, Wisconsin

An inaccurate understanding of the gospel is what keeps us from the reality of new life in Christ and his kingdom. This book is a game-changer It challenges misconceptions and explodes the fallacies of evangelical clichés. You might not agree with all that Roland says, but he genuinely and compassionately calls us to an earnest and authentic relationship with Christ. His thoughtful words urge us to daily realize the presence of Jesus within us through the power of the Holy Spirit. Rather than being viewed as a "ticket to heaven," salvation is seen as "a living expression of the kingdom of God, previews of what God's rule looks like in a human heart." Thank you, Roland

Fr. David Masterson, PhD-Founder, Gaudete Ministries

"Don't judge a book by its cover." There is so much more to these pages than the title lets on. Roland masterfully takes on some very heavy questions that have baffled many Christians for ages. Using Scripture, he shatters paradigms that have dangerously affected Christianity and hampered the Christian life. I encourage you to set aside your preconceived ideas and read this book allowing Scripture to illuminate a new way to look at things.

Luke Dye, Senior Pastor-Whitestone Community Church, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

This theological proposal is well reasoned and researched. It gives great glory to God and His Word. It will provide relief to many, rejoicing to some, and a sense of redemption to all who could not reconcile the dogma of exclusion with the character of Jesus.

Rev. Dr. Joel C. Hunter-Former Senior Pastor, Northland Church, Longwood, Florida
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