The Reaper's Dance: 1,000 Days of COVID (Hardcover)

The Reaper's Dance: 1,000 Days of COVID By Ravi R. Iyer Cover Image

The Reaper's Dance: 1,000 Days of COVID (Hardcover)


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From the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia to the bat infested caves of Wuhan, China, this book traces the myriad networks of the virus that brought the world to its knees.

Ravi R. Iyer, M.D. gives readers a ringside seat to the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the calculations of those who influenced the fate of millions and the science that saved the world.

The author analyzes the various forces and decisions that unleashed the most catastrophic disaster mankind has experienced in this century while zeroing in on the horror, pain, struggles, and triumphs of common people who faced the coronavirus.

Written in a fast-flowing style, the book explores how patients battled the disease and how science may have unleashed it on the world.

From the failures of governments and leaders to the triumphs of individual men, The Reaper's Dance is a story of the tapestry of human hubris and humility, courage, and cowardice with an enduring cautionary message for all mankind.

Product Details ISBN: 9781665744713
ISBN-10: 1665744715
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Publication Date: April 19th, 2024
Pages: 154
Language: English