Backstabbing Little Assets (Paperback)

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Backstabbing Little Assets (Paperback)


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Not every creature in the ZOO is out to eat you. Some are humans who intend to stab you in the back.

Born from the fertile imagination of bestselling author Michael Anderle...

Sal is hard at work trying to figure out if he can keep his crazy little company afloat, and now he wants to add more headcount?

Kennedy isn't sure what is going on inside his young and not-all-that-wise head.

Courtney is worried that the new hire Salinger wants might not be the best choice for the company-or her.

When an unexpected call comes in, Salinger's team gets changed around drastically. He and Kennedy have to scramble to figure out how to balance it again.

Can they produce the income they need or will they run out of time and end up food for the creatures in the ZOO?

Courtney is having a fight of her own, but the billionaire who is pushing her has no idea how the ZOO has stiffened Courtney's backbone.

But can Courtney handle this different type of pressure?

In the ZOO, you always expect the unexpected, but this time it is the outside world that throws a monkey-wrench into the action. Can Salinger keep his friendships afloat and stay out of the claws (or mouths) of the denizens of the ZOO?

Salinger Jacobs is working to build his company as fast as possible. Will he make a few mistakes he can't think his way out of?

Sometimes, you find that your best relationship was the one that got away.

NOTE: There may or may not be gratuitous sex in this book. Or it might actually play into a later book with funny talk about men's vs. women's abilities and capabilities. There is ABSOLUTELY cursing in this book. LOTS of upset cursing, cursing out of anger, fear, and other emotional issues related to carnivorous alien flora or fauna eating humans who don't say 'darn.' LOTS of gratuitous cursing just because the author finds it funny, too. There is death and sadness...and more death. In fact, it's a blender of blood out in the ZOO. Man vs. Alien nature seems to justify ugly results. Plus, people have emotional hangups. Expect to smile, laugh, cry, and perhaps have a spate of jealousy or two. Further, there might be explicit sex, thank you sex, and you're welcome sex. Finally, there is no Coke in the ZOO. That is probably the worst and most offensive trait in these stories. This is Michael Todd, and I approve of the shenanigans pulled within the ZOO stories.‚Äč


Join Salinger Jacobs as he learns about the ZOO, how to stay alive, and the opportunities that being a part of the ZOO has brought him.

The future is looking interesting and humorous, except for the death part.

Product Details ISBN: 9781649716712
ISBN-10: 1649716710
Publisher: Lmbpn Publishing
Publication Date: April 16th, 2021
Pages: 342
Language: English