The Story of Stan Lee: A Biography Book for New Readers (The Story Of: A Biography Series for New Readers) (Paperback)

The Story of Stan Lee: A Biography Book for New Readers (The Story Of: A Biography Series for New Readers) By Frank J. Berrios Cover Image

The Story of Stan Lee: A Biography Book for New Readers (The Story Of: A Biography Series for New Readers) (Paperback)


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Discover the life of Stan Lee—a story about creating your own adventures for kids ages 6 to 9

Stan Lee was a famous comic book writer, artist, editor, and publisher for Marvel Comics. Before he helped create heroes like the Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and Black Panther, Stan was an imaginative boy who spent hours reading all sorts of different stories and letting his thoughts run wild. These stories inspired him to come up with exciting plots and new characters of his own. Explore how Stan went from being a young boy growing up in New York City to a comic book legend.

The Story of Stan Lee includes:
  • Core curriculum—Discover the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Stan's life, and take a quick quiz to test your knowledge.
  • Short chapters—Learn all about Stan Lee with quick chapters that make it fun for new readers like you to keep reading.
  • A visual timeline—Watch Stan progress from kid to comic book icon with a visual timeline marking the major milestones of his life.

How will Stan's colorful imagination and hard work inspire you?
FRANK BERRIOS is a Puerto Rican writer born in Spanish Harlem, New York City. He’s the author of The Story of Joe Biden, The Story of Stan Lee, and The Story of Misty Copeland, among others. Learn more at
Product Details ISBN: 9781648760921
ISBN-10: 1648760929
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: April 20th, 2021
Pages: 68
Language: English
Series: The Story Of: A Biography Series for New Readers
“This book manages to squeeze a universe of creativity into a single volume, chronicling Stan Lee’s humble origins to his becoming the face of the comic book field. His work at Marvel Comics and beyond shows what drive and imagination are capable of, inspiring the next generation of creators.” —Robert Greenberger, DC Comics and Marvel Comics executive and co-writer of Stan Lee’s How to Write Comics

“Filled with insightful info on one of the most recognized legends in the world of comic books, The Story of Stan Lee is an inspirational story for any young reader. And if you know any young kids with creative aspirations, this book doubles as a colorful guide for them to make their own way into the world of comics.” —George Carmona 3rd, artist, writer and a co-creator of the Access Guide to the Black Comic Book Community

“This is a great resource for young readers and young people with an interest in comics. Having been an art instructor in NYC public schools, I recommend The Story Of Stan Lee to art instructors and educators seeking to increase literacy in collaboration with art programs.” —Roy Anthony Morrison, art instructor and creative arts therapist at School Of Visual Arts

The Story of Stan Lee is a fun glimpse into the life of this famous comic writer. The author takes kids on a journey to learn about how some of their favorite characters from the Marvel Universe came to be. Sprinkled throughout the book are spaces for kids to think about what they are reading and make connections to their real life. For example, I thought the prompt asking the reader to consider how people thought comics were bad for kids was really informative and interesting. I know kids will have fun with that! If you are looking for a biography for a graphic novel lover—or actually anyone interested in a good story—check this out!” —Tonya Leslie, author of The Story of Kamala Harris