The Emotional Abuse Recovery Workbook: Breaking the Cycle of Psychological Violence (Paperback)

The Emotional Abuse Recovery Workbook: Breaking the Cycle of Psychological Violence By Theresa Comito, LMFT Cover Image

The Emotional Abuse Recovery Workbook: Breaking the Cycle of Psychological Violence (Paperback)


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Move your life forward with this workbook for healing

Move away from harmful personal and professional relationships, and instead, toward recovery and growth. This accessible workbook will help you identify and acknowledge abuse, validate your feelings, practice self-care, set boundaries, create a safety plan, examine healthy relationships, and design your exit plan.

The Emotional Abuse Recovery Workbook offers ways to work through your trauma, leading you through the process of awareness, understanding, and healing. Engaging exercises steer you to look inward and examine and navigate relationships, while keeping your health and safety a priority. You’ll identify your strengths and values, work out strategies to manage daily challenges, discover your resilience, and promote improved self-worth and a sense of well-being.

In this workbook you’ll learn to:
  • Identify emotional abuse—Begin to recognize, acknowledge, and understand the dynamics of emotional abuse, and start your recovery process.
  • Take action—Move into guided examinations of your relationships. Make an exit plan with boundaries and safety nets to build new, healthier skills, and rediscover self-compassion and self-care.
  • Move forward—Avoid repeating old patterns. Rebuild. Map out next steps into healthier relationships and greater independence while you enhance your network of supporters.

Regain your freedom and sense of self with The Emotional Abuse Recovery Workbook.
Theresa Comito, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with more than 20 years of experience providing therapeutic services to individuals, families, and children. Theresa’s work has included serving families fleeing domestic violence, and survivors of abuse and trauma.
Product Details ISBN: 9781647391843
ISBN-10: 1647391849
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: August 4th, 2020
Pages: 158
Language: English
“Theresa Comito’s workbook systematically reveals how microaggressions, like name-calling and ‘playful put-downs,’ are recognized for what they are: building blocks that could lead to physical violence. Having worked with domestic violence clients in a men’s program, I saw how often emotional abuse accelerated into physical abuse with their partners when left unchecked. Comito doesn’t leave anything unchecked. This workbook is an essential companion in the treatment of domestic violence and should be utilized by clinicians and clients alike. It could literally save a life.” —Daniel Sarago, LMFT

“Theresa Comito is an extremely compassionate therapist who holds a deep understanding of the impact of emotional abuse. Her sense of clarity in her practice is a guiding light for myself and many others, keeping us grounded in remembering what is most valuable in the therapeutic process. Her message to readers in The Emotional Abuse Recovery Workbook is clear: You are not alone, you are capable, and you can heal.” —Lysette Del Castillo, LCSW

“A book that is meant to guide someone to positive change should be valued not only by the content but also by the knowledge and commitment to the topic by the author. Theresa Comito takes her years of hands-on, direct work with victims and survivors of emotional abuse and, with compassion and caring, puts it in terms that anyone can understand and follow on the road to healing and recovery from psychological trauma.” —Agustin Valadez, MS, MFT, Assistant Program Director of a Children, Youth, and Family Mental Health Program

“Emotional abuse is sneaky and can leave victims wondering if they made it all up even though they find themselves dealing with its negative effects. Theresa Comito’s workbook on recovering from emotional abuse is the perfect resource to validate anyone who knows or thinks they are survivors of an abusive relationship. It unmasks patterns of abuse and exposes unjust gaslighting. Theresa’s suggestions on practices towards healing through self love, healthy relationships, and safety seeking offer a path toward recovery that victims and their loved ones, as well as mental health providers, can benefit from.” —Mariana Brunnett-Lazarte , LMFT, CEO and founder of TrueSelves Therapy