The Fighting Cheyennes (Paperback)

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The Fighting Cheyennes (Paperback)


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"A long association with the Cheyennes has given me a special interest in them, and a special wish that they should be allowed to speak for themselves. What the Indians saw in the battles here described, I have learned during years of intimate acquaintance with those who took part in them." --George Bird Grinnell, Preface to The Fighting Cheyennes

The Fighting Cheyennes (1915), by George Bird Grinnell, describes the battles fought by the Cheyennes, a Native American people originally from what is now Minnesota. In writing this book, Grinnell consulted many different people with first-hand experience in the Cheyenne wars, and presents, as he stated, "the accounts by whites and Indians, without comment." One of Grinnell's main sources was the researcher George Hyde (1882-1968), who claimed to be the ghost writer for this classic book.