Raylan Goes to Detroit (Paperback)

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Raylan Goes to Detroit (Paperback)


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Featuring the character first written by Elmore Leonard, Raylan Givens

After an altercation with his superiors in Harlan County, Kentucky, Deputy US Marshal, Raylan Givens is offered two choices. He can either retire or finish his career on the fugitive task force in the crime-ridden precincts of Detroit.

Acting on a tip, Raylan and his new partner, deputy marshal Bobby Torres arrest Jose Rindo, a destructive and violent criminal. Rindo is also being pursued by the FBI who arrive shortly after he is in custody. Raylan bumps heads with a beautiful FBI agent named Nora Sanchez, who wants Rindo for the murder of a one of their own.

When Rindo, escapes from the county jail and is arrested in Ohio, Raylan and FBI Special Agent Sanchez drive south to pick up the fugitive and bring him back to stand trial. Later, when Rindo escapes again, Raylan and Nora--still at odds--are reunited and follow the elusive fugitive's trail across Arizona to El Centro, California and into Mexico where they have no jurisdiction or authority. How are they going to bring Rindo, a Mexican citizen, across the border without anyone knowing?

Raylan Goes to Detroit is an exciting continuation of one of Elmore Leonard's greatest heroes, an edge-of-your-seat, page-turner in the spirit of Elmore's classic Raylan books.
Peter Leonard, the son of legendary crime novelist, Elmore Leonard, is a national bestselling author of seven thrillers, including Quiver, Trust Me, All He Saw was the Girl, Voices of the Dead, Back from the Dead, Eyes Closed Tight, and Unknown Remains. He lives in Birmingham, Michigan with his wife, Julie and his dog, Sam.

Product Details ISBN: 9781644281505
ISBN-10: 1644281503
Publisher: Rare Bird Books
Publication Date: September 15th, 2020
Pages: 320
Language: English