The Inner Marriage: A Guide to Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work (Paperback)

The Inner Marriage: A Guide to Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work By Elliott Saxby Cover Image

The Inner Marriage: A Guide to Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work (Paperback)


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How to integrate and evolve your inner masculine and feminine

• Explains polarity work as a tool to heal trauma, become less judgmental, and develop a more integrated relationship with ourselves and others

• Explores 44 common traits of mature and immature masculine and feminine expressions, explaining how to evolve unhealthy expressions into healthy ones

• Offers simple yet profound methods for evolving your inner masculine and feminine, as well as healing the shadow

Polarity work allows us to balance, evolve, and integrate the masculine and feminine energies within our personality to create an inner union that supports the release and transformation of trauma on the cellular and soul level. It is a holistic practice that leads to the embodiment of both what we choose and who we really are.

Fusing ancient Vedic knowledge and Western psychology with Tantric and Taoist wisdom, Elliott Saxby offers simple yet profound methods for evolving our inner masculine and feminine as well as healing the shadow side of these expressions. The Inner Marriage explores sexuality and desire through polarity work and the need to realign our physical, mental, and emotional bodies to generate power through our sexuality.

Using the polarity framework in relation to universal laws, this practical guide off ers maps and exercises that invite us to evolve, harmonize, and integrate opposing energies. An invaluable tool in integrative and non-dual therapy and the development of emotional intelligence.
Elliott Saxby spent six years in an ecovillage before traveling to Asia, where he studied yoga, massage, and Taoist and Tantric practices. The founder of the School of Energetic Bodyworks, Elliott teaches and trains therapists in non-dual therapy and Kundalini bodywork around the world.
Product Details ISBN: 9781644116043
ISBN-10: 1644116049
Publisher: Findhorn Press
Publication Date: November 8th, 2022
Pages: 240
Language: English
The Inner Marriage is more than an insightful read, I found it to be a perceptive self-development journey that opens the mind into non-dual thinking, teaching us to apply this into our love, work, and family relationships. A must-read for everyone wanting to understand themselves, the nature of reality, and their loved ones better.”
— KIP ANDERSEN, producer of Netflix premiere Seaspiracy and director of the Netflix documentaries What

The Inner Marriage by Elliott Saxby grants entrance into the long misunderstood realm of feminine and masculine dynamics. It is an insightful jewel for those seeking to bring about growth in their own inner world while developing mature relationships with the opposite sex. The wisdom given has the potential to transform the reader by clearing the smokescreen that many of us are consumed by when trying to understand why we or others behave the way we do. Elliott gives us the motivation and a way to improve by providing a blueprint that is quite accessible and applicable to everyday life. I will return to this book again and again for guidance and reference it in my own teachings. Thank you!”
— YOGINI GOPIKA, traditional tantric yoga teacher