The Woman Who Built A Bridge (Paperback)

The Woman Who Built A Bridge By C. K. Crigger Cover Image

The Woman Who Built A Bridge (Paperback)


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Shay Billings is pleasantly surprised at discovering a new bridge over the river, as it cuts several miles from his trip into town. Ambushed and left for dead, he has even more cause to be grateful when the bridge-builder saves his life. Shay's savior turns out to be a mysterious young woman with extraordinary skills. More importantly, she's a strong ally when he and a few other men are forced to defend themselves and their ranches against a power hungry rich man. Marvin Hammel seems determined to own everything in their small valley, his intention to gobble up not only their homes and their livelihoods, but the water that flows through the land.

January Schutt just wants to be left alone to hide her scars. She's rebuilt the bridge that crosses the river onto her property, and lives like a hermit in a rundown old barn. All that changes when she takes in a wounded Shay Billings. Now she's placed in the middle of a war over water rights. But has she picked the winning side?

Product Details ISBN: 9781641194280
ISBN-10: 1641194286
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Date: October 11th, 2018
Pages: 294
Language: English