The Beautiful and Damned (Hardcover)

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Complete edition of The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It tells the story of the rise, fall, and relationship of the main characters, which many feel are based on the author's own life.

Fitzgerald's oozing verse, debauchery, and speedy action have made this book continue to be read through the years.

"As you first see him he wonders frequently whether he is not without honor and slightly mad, a shameful and obscene thinness glistening on the surface of the world like oil on a clean pond, these occasions being varied, of course, with those in which he thinks himself rather an exceptional young man, thoroughly sophisticated, well adjusted to his environment, and somewhat more significant than any one else he knows."

No student of thought should be without this historic book. This 1922 edition is provided in a slim volume with full text at an affordable price.

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