Is There More?: Resurrecting Communion (Paperback)

Is There More?: Resurrecting Communion By David Warnick Cover Image

Is There More?: Resurrecting Communion (Paperback)


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Ever felt like there could be more to communion? That we might be missing something in the Lord's Supper? The Bible speaks of the first believers breaking bread with "gladness" and we often speak of "celebrating communion." Yet do these phrases reflect our actual experience?

In this ground-breaking book, long-time pastor and scholar David Warnick presents a fresh look at what's become routine. He observes, "As I saw what the Bible actually says happens in communion, and what we do, I came to the conviction that we all need to look at these same questions and change our approach."

Is There More? takes the reader on a discovery to remove superficiality from the way we engage in the Lord's Supper and recover the elements that make it a vital faith encounter. Warnick's book examines various aspects of communion, how we practice it, and how we could practice it to make it a truly meaningful aspect of worship. This engaging and convicting message challenges readers to expand their experience and expectancy for communion in a way that can change not just individuals, but the way they do church.

Is there more to communion than what we currently observe? Indeed, there is, and this fresh approach to the Lord's Supper can ignite hearts with passion and transform the act of communion. David Warnick's biblically-sound exposition takes readers to a deeper level of understanding and fellowship with our Lord Jesus.

David Warnick has written a speech for a president (Ronald Reagan), preached for vendors at a NASCAR race, and been a regular guest at a Benedictine monastery. He grew up in Idaho, where he met his future wife, Nikki, in high school. David and Nikki married after he attended seminary in Scotland on a scholarship. From there, they lived in Atlanta, Georgia; Washington, D.C.; Pasadena, California; and Kansas City before returning home to Idaho. For a time, he was an assistant to Ken Canfield, director of the National Center for Fathering (which included involvement in the Promise Keepers movement). The Warnicks' very full life has included raising five children and sharing their home with a rocket scientist, recovering addicts, and people from six nations--including Syrian refugees. He serves as an assistant pastor at New Life Church in northern Idaho.
Product Details ISBN: 9781632694768
ISBN-10: 163269476X
Publisher: Deep River Books LLC
Publication Date: September 6th, 2018
Pages: 160
Language: English