Allergy-Proof Your Life: Natural Remedies for Allergies That Work! (Hardcover)

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Allergy-Proof Your Life: Natural Remedies for Allergies That Work! (Hardcover)


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In Allergy-Proof Your Life, bestselling author and natural health expert Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook shows allergy sufferers how to significantly reduce allergiesnot just their uncomfortable symptomsthrough specific foods, nutrients, herbs, and other natural and lifestyle-change approaches. You'll find dozens of scientifically proven natural therapies and remediesand discover:
  • Why probiotics are among the best natural remedies for allergies
  • How aromatherapy helps relieve allergy symptoms, asthma, arthritis, and other health issues
  • Foods that contain natural antihistamine compounds to boost your body's innate allergy-healing capacity
  • Delicious, easy-to-make recipes to integrate allergy-soothing foods into your everyday life
  • And much, much more

The information you'll find in this book could mean the difference between staying miserable and feeling drugged upor enjoying life (and the great outdoors) without being sidelined by your allergies.

Michelle Schoffro Cook: Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, DNC, ROHP, holds advanced degrees in natural health and holistic nutrition and has 25 years of experience in the field. She is a registered nutritionist, board-certified doctor of natural medicine, certified herbalist, and doctor of acupuncture. Dr. Cook has written nineteen books on health and wellness, including the best-sellers 60 Seconds to Slim and The Ultimate pH Solution. She has beenfeatured in Woman's World, First for Women, The Huffington Post, and more. She is the publisher of the popular health e-newsletter World's Healthiest News and is a regular blogger for,, and
Product Details ISBN: 9781630060749
ISBN-10: 1630060747
Publisher: Humanix Books
Publication Date: March 7th, 2017
Pages: 256
Language: English