Monster Musume Vol. 3 (Paperback)

Orcs, Werewolves, and Mermaids, Oh My!So far, Kimihito's been lucky. The monster girls living with him have been cute, curvaceous, and have never tried to kill him on purpose. But now, the dark side of liminals rises to the surface. Piggish orcs run hog-wild over Japan to satisfy their perverted desires. And the team that the government assembles to combat them is every bit as strange and inhuman as the criminals they're fighting.Meanwhile, Kimihito has to contend with adding the lovely and elegant mermaid Mero to his ever-growing menagerie of monster girls. How will the possessive Miia, the noble Centorea, the bird-brained Papi, and the slime-girl Suu react to the newest addition to their household—and yet another contender for Kimihito's heart?
OKAYADO is a Japanese manga artist and author who is best known for Monster Musume.
Product Details ISBN: 9781626920316
ISBN-10: 1626920311
Publisher: Seven Seas
Publication Date: May 6th, 2014
Pages: 192
Language: English
Series: Monster Musume