Mammalian Cell Viability: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology #740) (Hardcover)

Mammalian Cell Viability: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology #740) By Martin J. Stoddart (Editor) Cover Image

Mammalian Cell Viability: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology #740) (Hardcover)

By Martin J. Stoddart (Editor)


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1. Cell Viability Assays: Introduction

Martin J. Stoddart

2. Cell Viability Analysis Using Trypan Blue: Manual and Automated Methods

Kristine S. Louis and Andre C. Siegel

3. Estimation of Cell Number Based on Metabolic Activity: The MTT Reduction Assay

L szl Kupcsik

4. WST8 Analysis of Cell Viability During Osteogenesis of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Martin J. Stoddart

5. Assessment of Cell Proliferation with Resazurin-Based Fluorescent Dye

Ewa M. Czekanska

6. The xCELLigence System for Real-Time and Label-Free Monitoring of Cell Viability

Ning Ke, Xiaobo Wang, Xiao Xu, and Yama A. Abassi

7. Analysis of Tumor and Endothelial Cell Viability and Survival Using Sulforhodamine B (SRB) and Clonogenic Assays

Caroline Woolston and Stewart Martin

8. Annexin V / 7-AAD Staining in Keratinocytes

Maya Zimmermann and Norbert Meyer

9. Measurement of Caspase Activity: From Cell Populations to Individual Cells

Gabriela Paroni and Claudio Brancolini

10. Rapid Quantification of Cell Viability and Apoptosis in B-Cell Lymphoma Cultures Using Cyanine SYTO Probes

Donald Wlodkowic, Joanna Skommer, and Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz

11. Multiplexing Cell Viability Assays

Helga H.J. Gerets, Stephane Dhalluin, and Franck A. Atienzar

12. Cytotoxicity Testing: Measuring Viable Cells, Dead Cells, and Detecting Mechanism of Cell Death

Terry L. Riss, Richard A. Moravec, and Andrew L. Niles

13. Fluorescein Diacetate for Determination of Cell Viability in 3D Fibroblast-Collagen-GAG Constructs

Heather M. Powell, Alexis D. Armour, and Steven T. Boyce

14. Confocal Imaging Protocols for Live/Dead Staining in 3-Dimensional Carriers

Benjamin Gantenbein-Ritter, Christoph M. Sprecher, Samantha Chan, Svenja Illien-J nger, and Sibylle Grad

15. Viability Assessment of Osteocytes Using Histological Lactate Dehydrogenase Activity Staining on Human Cancellous Bone Sections

Katharina J hn and Martin J. Stoddart

16. Measuring Glutamate Receptor Activation-Induced Apoptotic Cell Death in Ischemic Rat Retina Using the TUNEL Assay

Won-Kyu Ju and Keun-Young Kim

17. Exploiting the Liberation of Zn2+ to Measure Cell Viability

Christian J. Stork and Yang V. Li

18. Non-Invasive Bioluminescent Quantification of Viable Stem Cells in Engineered Constructs

Karim Oudina, Adeline Cambon-Binder, and Delphine Logeart-Avramoglou

19. Raman Micro-Spectroscopy as a Non-Invasive Cell Viability Test

Sophie Verrier, Alina Zoladek, and Ioan Notingher

20. Closed Ampoule Isothermal Microcalorimetry (IMC) for Continuous Real-Time Detection and Evaluation of Cultured Mammalian Cell Activity and Responses

Olivier Braissant and Alma U. "Dan" Daniels

21. Digital Image Processing of Live/Dead Staining

Pieter Spaepen, Sebastian De Boodt, Jean-Marie Aerts, and Jos Vander Sloten

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