Faces, Places, and Days Gone By - Volume 1: A Pictorial History of Michigan's Upper Peninsula (Paperback)

Faces, Places, and Days Gone By - Volume 1: A Pictorial History of Michigan's Upper Peninsula By Mikel B. Classen Cover Image

Faces, Places, and Days Gone By - Volume 1: A Pictorial History of Michigan's Upper Peninsula (Paperback)


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Enjoy a Visual Trip to See How People Lived and Worked in the U.P. in Centuries Past

Classen's pictorial history is the next best thing to a time machine, as we get a front-row seat in the worlds of shipping and shipwrecks, iron and copper mining, timber cutting, hunting and fishing and the everyday lives of ordinary folks of Michigan's Upper Peninsula across more than 100 years. Faces, Places and Days Gone By peers into our past through the lenses of those that lived and explored it. See what they saw as time passed and how the U.P. evolved into the wonderous place we know today.

From the author's unique collection, witness newly restored images from long lost stereoviews, cabinet cards, postcards and lithograph engravings. Join us on a visual journey to relive some of those moments, and discover a unique heritage through those faces and places. From the Soo to Ironwood, from Copper Harbor to Mackinaw Island-you'll never see the U.P. in quite the same way

"With his book Faces, Places, and Days Gone By, historian Mikel B. Classen has achieved a work of monumental importance. Drawing from his collection of archival photographs, Classen takes readers on a journey in time that gives rare insight into a vanished world." --Sue Harrison, international bestselling author of The Midwife's Touch"

Mikel Classen's Faces, Places, and Days Gone By provides a fascinating and nostalgic look at more than a century of Upper Michigan photography. From images of iron mines and logging to Sunday drives and palatial hotels, you are bound to be in awe of this chance to visit the past." -- Tyler R. Tichelaar, award-winning author of Kawbawgam: The Chief, The Legend, The Man

"Mikel Classen's new book, Faces, Places, and Days Gone By, belongs in every library in Michigan. And when I say every library, I'm talking about every public, high school and college storehouse of knowledge." -- Michael Carrier, MA, New York University, author of the award-winning Jack Handler U.P. mystery series

"I found this photographic history of Michigan north of the bridge surprisingly informative and enjoyable. It piqued my interest when I did a first quick look and had to stop and return to one striking photograph after another. And then there is the photo of a Native American mother holding her baby. I can't help but wonder if, in a few years, the child will be taken from her and sent to a church or government school which will ruthlessly try to entirely strip the child of its Native American culture. Regretfully it was a fairly common practice. Obviously, my response to the photographs was both intellectual and emotional. This book is a rich historical look at the Upper Peninsula that literally shows it from the ragged edge of the frontier to the 1920s." -- Tom Powers, Michigan in Books

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