Freestyle BMX Tricks: Flatland and Air (Paperback)

Freestyle BMX Tricks: Flatland and Air By Sean D'Arcy Cover Image

Freestyle BMX Tricks: Flatland and Air (Paperback)


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A complete guide to BMX freestyle.

BMX trick riding is divided into two styles: flatland and air. Flatland, as the name suggests, refers to the jumps, turns and spins freestylers do from the ground. Air refers to the tricks that involve the ramps, rails and jumps commonly found at skate parks, which allow BMX riders to get even more height.

Freestyle BMX Tricks is about the flatland and air tricks that every freestyler wants to learn, whatever their level of skill or experience.

Sean D'Arcy takes readers through 39 tricks step by step, and vivid action photos in full color highlight critical moves. D'Arcy reveals the secrets to every trick's success, providing insider's tips and techniques. "Common problem" boxed asides help get freestylers on the fast track to mastering new tricks, and special "remixes" provide cool ways to alter tricks and make them look even more impressive.

Expert freestyler Shaun Jarvis adds his own "Shaun's Tips," which gives freestylers the edge they need to learn new tricks quickly and easily.

This is the ultimate guide for the millions of BMX riders that hit the streets and skate parks every day.

Sean D'Arcy is the author of Freestyle Soccer Tricks, Freestyle Soccer Street Moves and Freestyle Skateboarding Tricks (with Phillip Marshall). Shaun Jarvis has been a BMX freestyler for more than 20 years. He set up Freestyle Now, a BMX stunt team that produced BMX fanzines and TV programs. He currently promotes the sport worldwide.
Product Details ISBN: 9781554078189
ISBN-10: 1554078180
Publisher: Firefly Books
Publication Date: January 11th, 2011
Pages: 128
Language: English