Less Logic, More Wisdom: Surviving The Shift With Your Sanity Intact (Paperback)

Less Logic, More Wisdom: Surviving The Shift With Your Sanity Intact By April Adams Cover Image

Less Logic, More Wisdom: Surviving The Shift With Your Sanity Intact (Paperback)


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Has life become more intense for you recently?

Have you ever felt that "something is coming", but don't know what?

Have you been on an emotional roller coaster?

Do you feel as though you are going crazy?

Have you been experiencing sights, sounds, feelings, thoughts or premonitions you've never had before?

Welcome to The Shift

The Shift is not some silly new age concept. It's reality. The vibrational frequency of our planet is in the process of rising, quickly and intensely. This has forced us, as humans, to evolve out of our old vibrations by letting go of what no longer serves us - beliefs, programming, habits, relationships, jobs and so on. This is necessary in order for us to continue to resonate with our surroundings. It has also facilitated much growth and activated new gifts and abilities within many of us.

Those who refuse to acknowledge this shift may be experiencing additional fear or struggle, as they unconsciously sense the change but have no logical explanation for their feelings.

This is a guide through the experience of "The Shift" through divinely channeled messages, guided meditations and the ah-ha moments of the channeler herself. Allowing you to move through it the easy way. Experiencing more peace, bliss and power than ever before.

There is also a raw audio version of this book only available directly through the author. Email [email protected] for details

A spiritual ATM dispensing truth, reassurance, wisdom, and encouragement that speak to the deepest parts of the soul. For anyone needing a boost, this book works like rocket fuel. - Cash Peters

April and The Collective have you thinking, laughing and nodding your head throughout the book. Their messages provide wonderful daily reflection that encourage you to dig deeper within yourself and take action when required. A positively uplifting book that everyone should read. - Sarah Brink

Whether you are struggling with personal, professional, or spiritual issues, April and The Collective will guide you to a place of peace and they will do it with the assurance of safety. I had so many "Ah-ha " moments reading this that people must have thought I was having a conversation with someone, which in a very real way I was.

This book is great reminder of things I needed to hear and other things I didn't even realize I needed to hear. This is a great handbook for helping us follow our truest self and to recalibrate our destiny's coordinates if we may find ourselves slightly off-track from where we thought we were headed. Throughout the book, her words resonate deeply within me, but never more so when we are reminded to "Put your hand over heart and say, 'I live here.'" What a beautiful place to live for us all." - Ryan Singer

April Adams is an Emotional Fulfillment Specialist, International Best-Selling Author, Intuitive Life Coach, Certified Presence Meditation Trainer, and Reiki Master. She is the creator of The Essence Healing System and the author of the book Essence: Ending Emptiness, Finding Fulfillment. She is a contributing author to The Missing Piece in Gratitude and Abundance. April has helped countless women, and a few open minded men, to step out of their personal struggles bringing passion, empowerment and fulfillment to their lives. She specializes in combining the power of the mind with the power of the spirit in order to create the best possible life. Working with her fellow lightworkers to boost their abilities and avoid depletion is her deepest calling. April Adams is the owner of The Retreat on Elm in downtown Manchester NH. April is available for channeled speaking engagements worldwide. Contact [email protected] AprilAdams.org TheHealerOfHealers.com AprilAdamsAuthor.com FillingYourCup.com Facebook.com/adamsapril
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