Ultimate Guide To Making Live Organic Kefir: How To Ensure The Highest Counts Of Probiotics For Maximum Health Benefits (Paperback)

Ultimate Guide To Making Live Organic Kefir: How To Ensure The Highest Counts Of Probiotics For Maximum Health Benefits By Kinnari Trivedi Cover Image

Ultimate Guide To Making Live Organic Kefir: How To Ensure The Highest Counts Of Probiotics For Maximum Health Benefits (Paperback)


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A Proven, Step-By-Step Guide to Consuming Trillions Of Live Organic Kefir Probiotics For Fraction Of The Price-Make Your Own Probiotics

Truth behind probiotics pills:

Here is the research you do before buying probiotics:

-You compare millions, billions of dosage strains-more is better, right?
-You see if it's enteric coated to pass through the acid of your gut lining.
-You remember to refrigerate your probiotic pills.
-You make sure you get a pill that has more strains of probiotics.
-You make sure it's not expired.
-You make sure it's in a dark bottle/avoid sun light.
-You buy cheap (because it's a bargain) or buy expensive (because it must be better).

Here is why it doesn't matter:

-Probiotic companies claiming to have billions of probiotics are tested when the pills are manufactured, NOT when you actually consume them.
-There are no FDA requirement on probiotics. They are very loosely regulated and the amount of probiotics the manufacture claim are in the pills...are well self-proclaimed.
-Make sure you refrigerate them Right Let's say you believe the manufacturer (which there is no regulation on). This is measured at the time pills are manufactured not the time you consume them. Then there is transit, in back of a truck that may or may not have refrigeration. They may be sitting at a warehouse without refrigeration. They may be sitting on back of a store ready to be stocked without refrigeration when the stocking clerk has a chance (remember other products like milk, meat, etc. are strictly regulated to be refrigerated-probiotics are not). If there is a middle man who is shipping these to you, they may or may not keep them refrigerated (even though manufacturer has), etc...so there are too many variable and by the time you consume them, many of the potent strains are dead

Only way to be sure it's to consume fermented food or make your own. If you are not getting better after spending money on probiotic supplements, then look to making you own and see if it makes a difference.

Making your own Kefir guarantees that trillions of probiotics are actually consumed. Learn how to make fresh, live batches of kefir daily for maximum health benefits. Probiotics in kefir are known to build strong immune system, fight various gut related disease, have your GI or digestive tract running smoothly again. Probiotics in kefir are also known to regulate cholesterol and blood pressure, anti-aging properties, high in anti-oxidants, irritable bowel syndrome, chrons disease, etc..
Make your own kefir. This is a step-by-step book on how to make your own kefir. This will show you how to make milk kefir from kefir grains. This is not a recipe book.

In this book you will learn:
★Once you buy kefir how to revive it, so that you can make fresh batch with increased potency.
★How to get your favorite probiotic pill and/or pills and incorporate those strains into your kefir without having to purchase them again
★What factors could yield less than par result in probiotics. i.e. tap water (most tap water is chlorinated-which may kill the probiotics)
★Procedure on how to continue to make Fresh batch daily for MAXIMUM Health Benefits
★How time and quantity affects the quality
★How certain utensils should be avoided
★How to store your Kefir when you are away.
★How to slowly increase your batch and production.
★How to make Organic Kefir.
★Much, much more
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