Homemade Body Butter: 29 DIY Body Butter & All Natural Recipes For a Softer, Healthier, and More Radiant You (Paperback)

Homemade Body Butter: 29 DIY Body Butter & All Natural Recipes For a Softer, Healthier, and More Radiant You By Ella Marie Cover Image

Homemade Body Butter: 29 DIY Body Butter & All Natural Recipes For a Softer, Healthier, and More Radiant You (Paperback)


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Learn How To Make Your Very Own All Natural Body Butters in Less Than 1 hour
How many of us battle with constant issues with our skin? Is it oily? Dry? Red, itchy, flaky? Would you believe me if I told you that your current skin care regimen may be keeping it that way? Commercial skin care products are loaded with chemicals that claim "youthful, radiant skin" and charge an arm and a leg...but can you believe those claims? Not me, and I'm sure you don't either

"Homemade Body Butters" will explain why you should ditch the pricey youth serums, commercial moisturizers, and other skin care products and make your own. I know. You have a bunch of questions, no? Is it really worth the hassle? Isn't it expensive to buy stuff in bulk? I don't know what even goes into a moisturizer I don't know enough about skin care products to even know where to start

You just did. You picked up this book. "Homemade Body Butter" will answer every one of those questions, give you a description of how the skin works, and the real reason for the book: the truth about the cosmetics industry and their products. Read chapter 2 and you will never use another commercial skin care product. If you do not believe me, pick up your favorite lotion, facial cream, shampoo, body wash, perfume, or deodorant. Look at the ingredients on the label. Do you know what all that stuff is? You won't believe your eyes when you find out what it is, or how it is made.

This book is not all gloom and doom. In fact, it rejoices in the joys of creating your own personalized skin care products free of chemicals, dyes, toxins, and petroleum distillates. The recipes are simple and easy to follow. The ingredients are simple Still don't believe me? Try finding a moisturizer at the drug store with 3 ingredients...yes 3 The Basic Coconut Body Butter recipe has 3 ingredients, all plant-based, and it can be made, from start to finish in less than an hour. It is nourishing to your skin and will not leave a greasy residue.

Here is a short sample list of some body butter recipes you will get in this book:
  • Tropical Paradise Whipped Body Butter
  • Magnesium Sunscreen Body Butter
  • Sensual Milk Chocolate Edible Body Butter
  • Bees Knees Acne Fighter
  • Tired and Achy Foot Soak
  • Herbal Deodorant
  • And So Much More
"Homemade Body Butter" gives you the foundation of knowledge and skills needed to go forth and create nourishing masterpieces of skin care. It gives hints and alternatives. It even has a section on troubleshooting when something doesn't look right. Once you begin using these deeply hydrating and soothing products, your skin will thank you by glowing radiantly. You will wonder why you waited so late to start making your own skin care products

The best part of all of these recipes is that they are all 100% customizable to you and your skin needs. While a store-bought moisturizer can't adapt to your skin, these recipes are made in small batches and can be tweaked and altered any way you choose. If you do not like the scent, change it to something you do like. It's that simple. The recipes explain the importance of using organic and chemical-free ingredients. The book also gives a list of suppliers who carry all the necessary ingredients you will need to become a master beauty crafter The next step is to read the book, pick up the information, make a sample, and let your skin show how beautiful it can be

So what are you waiting for? Scroll back up the page and start making your very own body butters today

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