Luxurious Bath Bombs - 40 Bath Bomb Recipes: Simply DIY Recipes For Relaxation or Profit (Paperback)

Luxurious Bath Bombs - 40 Bath Bomb Recipes: Simply DIY Recipes For Relaxation or Profit By Jenny De Luca Cover Image

Luxurious Bath Bombs - 40 Bath Bomb Recipes: Simply DIY Recipes For Relaxation or Profit (Paperback)


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A complete, step by step guide to making your own luxurious bath bombs at home

Fed up of buying expensive bath bombs and being disappointed by the fizz? Learn how you can make your own amazing bath bombs at home. You will be surprised how affordable and easy it is, even if you are a complete beginner Bath bombs are a luxury but for many people they would not want to be without. The right bath bomb can make the simple act of getting into the bath become a luxury experience that destresses and rejuvenates. Finding the right bath bombs can be frustrating not just because of the cost but due to the wide variety of brands and uncertainty about the ingredients.

Making your own bath bombs takes away this uncertainty, meaning you are in complete control over the ingredients. You know they are safe for you to use and you know they are not going to cause any reaction on yoru skin.

Pampering yourself is very important and particularly in our high stress society a well earned luxury bath can make all the difference in helping you feel able to cope with the world. With these recipes you can make bath time more interesting, more enjoyable, therapeutic and beneficial to your skin Plus you will be saving money on the cost of bath bombs and have exactly the right bath bomb for you.In this book you will learn the simple process of making your own bath bombs without expensive ingredients or tools, you'll be surprised just how easy it is. You will find step by step instructions for making amazing bath bombs that will be the envy of your friends and make great gifts if you ever need them too. You will learn all about the many different ingredients you can use and how they can benefit you when including in a bath bomb.

Once you learn these secrets you will be hooked to making your own bath bombs and of course need plenty more time in the bath to try them all out With over 40 fun and interesting recipes there is something in here for everyone plus you will be taught how to customize the recipes to make them unique to you with many different health promoting ingredients.

In this step by step book you will learn everything you need to know about making your own bath bombs including: -
  • Shaping and Molding Your Bath Bombs - great advice and tips on how to shape and mold your bath bombs to make them look fantastic, making them the ideal gift or luxury for you
  • Storing Your Bath Bombs - find out how to store your bath bombs in order to prevent them from dissolving and keep them for several weeks or more
  • Presenting Your Bath Bombs - discover some of the best ways to present your bath bombs which is important if you are giving them as gifts
  • How to Make Bubble Bars - learn a basic recipe for bubble bars which are a very indulgent luxury for a bath
  • Basic Bath Bomb Recipe - here is the basic bath bomb recipe which will be built on and expanded later in the book
  • Troubleshooting Your Bath Bombs - find out exactly what to do if it all goes wrong and how to recover your batch
  • Additional Ingredients for Heavenly Bath Bombs - discover some of the wonderful extra ingredients you can put in your bath bombs to make them even more luxurious
  • Bath Bomb Recipes - over 40 luxury recipes meaning there is something for everyone and for literally every occasion

If you have tried making your own beauty products at home in the past you may well have felt a little bit lost or overwhelmed with complex instruction. This book has been written for the complete beginner, though anyone who has any experience will still benefit from the step by step instructions and clear guidance. Not only do you learn the basic recipe but you learn exactly how to adjust that recipe and what ingredients you can use to customize your bath bombs and make your own unique recipes So why wait any longer? Start making your own luxurious bath bombs and start saving money today.
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