How to Elect Conservatives: Your Election Campaign Management Handbook (Paperback)

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Are you a conservative running for election to public office? If you are then this book will help you become a stronger candidate, and win. Are you helping your fellow conservative get elected to a local or state office? If you are How to Elect Republicans will help you plan and deliver a successful election campaign. Or maybe you have the job of raising the money needed for a local GOP campaign. This book tells you all you need to know about political fundraising. Do you need to learn how to communicate the message of conservatism effectively to the public so that voters will support your candidate? Detailed instructions on that are in the book as well. Politics in American is a rough game. Are you ready to play hardball? This book tells you how to do opposition research and deliver convincing attacks on your liberal opponent, and how to respond when your side is attacked. In a close election campaign it all comes down to getting out the vote. You will do that effectively by following the instructions in this book. This book is NOT about how to win the White House. But it is about winning all those other elected offices - for state legislatures, judge, school board, mayor and town council, county officials, sheriff, auditor, and all the rest of the half a million elected public offices in America - for conservatives. Every member of every election campaign team in the country needs a copy. Craig Copland has been involved in marketing, fundraising, and local politics for over forty years. Now he is dedicated to helping people like you who are willing to serve your country as an elected public official. He has written this book so that conservatives like you can plan and win election campaigns. can and should be. If you are a conservative candidate running for office, or working hard to elect your fellow conservative, this book is for you.

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ISBN: 9781497437678
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Publication Date: March 24th, 2014
Pages: 442
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