Answers from the Ancestral Realms: Get Psychic Help from Your Spirit Guides Every Day (Paperback)

Answers from the Ancestral Realms: Get Psychic Help from Your Spirit Guides Every Day By Sharon Anne Klingler Cover Image

Answers from the Ancestral Realms: Get Psychic Help from Your Spirit Guides Every Day (Paperback)


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Open yourself to help and guidance from the other side with easy exercises in two minutes (or less!) to meet and communicate with your ancestral guides.

Discover how easy it is to ignite your intuition and connect with the other side! Answers from the Ancestral Realms will reveal the command words, visual images, and symbols that make ancestral communication fast and effortless. You'll realize that your ancestors are here with you, and you’ll open to their help and guidance every day.

Meet ancestors far beyond your family and the "landcestors" from the cultures and geographical regions of your earliest roots. The word ancestor means "those who have gone before," so you can connect with spirits from the groups, organizations, activities, and projects in which you are engaged, such as authors, musicians, Freemasons, nurses, and so many more. You'll learn how to perceive their presence and receive their messages so clearly that their assistance will be available to you anytime, anywhere, and in every endeavor of your life—your work, relationships, ancestral healing, creative projects, and even psychic development.

So, get ready to meet all your different ancestors. . . . They're already right next to you, and they're waiting for your call!
Sharon Anne Klingler is an international best-selling author, a medium, and an inspiring speaker. She is a Registered Medium with the Lily Dale Assembly, the world's largest and oldest Spiritualist Institution. She has been a regular lecturer at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and is on the Ministerial faculties of various Spiritualist Institutions. She does performance mediumship galleries throughout the U.S., the South Pacific, and Europe.

One of the world's leading intuitives, Sharon has been featured in many newspapers and magazines worldwide, including The Huffington Post, The London Daily Express, TV Guide, and The London Daily Mail. She has had television appearances on many different networks including CNN; the Oprah Winfrey Network; BBC and ITV London; BBC Scotland; the Discovery Channel; NBC, ABC, and CBS; Vision TV Canada, and on major outlets across the globe.
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Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Publication Date: October 25th, 2022
Pages: 312
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