The Interactive Book of Magic for Beginners (Paperback)

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The Interactive Book of Magic for Beginners (Paperback)


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The Interactive Book of Magic for Beginners reveals the craft of magic and teaches it in an interesting and easy-to-understand manner, so that anyone can have the chance to learn and experience the beauty and power of magic.

The Interactive Book of Magic for Beginners presents magical characters, such as Orbus the green goblin, Mathilda the sweet and gentle sylph, Professor Juliet, and Professor Hedgar, among others. They will teach you the secrets of the craft of magic. With their help, you will learn and understand the mysteries of the universe and be able to use the secrets of the craft to create real and positive changes in your life.

This book will give you the foundation that you need to learn and master the holy science and art of magic. You will learn essential theories and magical practices that will allow you to fully experience magic on a personal level. This is not a book that you read today and forget about tomorrow. Rather, this is a journey -- a journey into a truly magical life. Are you ready to take this journey? Are you ready to experience real magic in your life?

For many years, countless people searched for genuine magical instructions, but their attempts often ended only in vain. This book has been written so that anyone who sincerely desires to learn the way of true magic may be given a chance to do so. The teachings in this book are based on legitimate and most genuine foundations of the craft of divine magic, which you can also verify not only through diligent research, but more importantly, through actual practice and personal experience.

Back in the Old Days, a time when humans lived in harmony with nature, magic was a natural part of the lives of the people. It was a beautiful time when humans, faeries, halflings, and many other magical creatures lived happily together, helping one another. Back then, even angels communicated directly with humans. Sadly, humanity started to fall as evil started to grow in their hearts, a corruption that was so dark and evil. We gradually lost touch of the magical world that was once our home. The fairies flew away from us, the legendary unicorns hid themselves from our sight, and all other magical creatures we used to love left us alone with our evil.

The Interactive Book of Magic for Beginners is a portal that will take you back into the realm of magic where you truly belong, where you can immerse yourself in the true teachings and ways of the sacred art of sorcery and witchcraft. If you desire for real magic, then this is for you. The good news is that magic is not completely lost. If you just open your heart and mind to it, then you will discover that it is as real today as it was thousands of years ago.

If you are ready, then come and join me on a wonderful journey of life, love, spirituality, and overflowing magic.

Product Details ISBN: 9781393556787
ISBN-10: 1393556787
Publisher: C.Z. Lazarus
Publication Date: February 18th, 2021
Pages: 76
Language: English