Weather for Dummies (Paperback)

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Weather for Dummies (Paperback)

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Weather For Dummies is probably the best book written for a general audience about the subject. BILL GATES

Find out what's really going on when it seems like the sky is falling with
Weather For Dummies

What exactly is happening when the wind blows, the clouds roll in, lightning flashes, and rain pours down? How do hurricanes whip into a frenzy, and where do tornadoes come from? Why do seasonal conditions sometimes vary so much from one year to the next? The inner workings of the weather can be a mystery, but Dummies can help. Packed with dozens of maps, charts, and stunning photographs of weather conditions, Weather For Dummies brings the science of meteorology down to earth, covering everything from weather basics to cloud types, seasonal differences, extreme weather events, climate change, and beyond.

You'll learn how to:

  • Predict the weather and prepare a forecast
  • Use common weather terminology like a pro
  • Identify different types of clouds
  • Spot weather conditions that can lead to storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and monsoons
  • Observe fun weather phenomena like lightning, rainbows, sundogs, and haloes
  • Talk about what impact weather has on the global ecosystem
  • Get a handle on smog, the greenhouse effect, global warming, and other climate issues
Featuring clear explanations and fun and easy activities you can do at home, you'll be ready - rain or shine - for the ever-changing skies above with Weather For Dummies.
John D. Cox is a professional science writer. He studied biological and physical sciences at Harvard and MIT, and served as a fellow of the Knight Science Journalism Fellowship Program at MIT.
Product Details ISBN: 9781119806776
ISBN-10: 1119806771
Publisher: For Dummies
Publication Date: January 20th, 2021
Pages: 384
Language: English