A Peacock's Gotta Fly (Paperback)

A Peacock's Gotta Fly By John Giacomazzi, Maria Lamari (Contribution by) Cover Image

A Peacock's Gotta Fly (Paperback)

By John Giacomazzi, Maria Lamari (Contribution by)


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A motivational book on resilience explains that life is so beautiful one man won't even let an ALS diagnosis take his smile

Most of the time, John Giacomazzi could be found on his next great adventure, traveling the world, snowboarding, coaching, and inspiring young up-and-coming athletes. His passion for encouraging people to live well and be happy sticks in the minds of all who know him. John wasn't always this inspired, he cultivated this personality himself.

Just shy of his fortieth birthday, John was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

He wasn't about to let his diagnosis take his smile from him; after all, he's a professional smile keeper. His infectious good nature and upbeat attitude and gratitude shine through in this tell-all inspirational book. His story will bring you to laughter while inspiring you as his life's journey pivots and he faces overwhelming loss with forgiveness, friendship, and courage. Follow his wisdom and better your own life, while learning how he faces devastating news with grace, strength, acceptance, and an internal promise to make the best of what he has no matter what.

In John's own words: "Always do the thing that scares you the most. When everything clicks, the impossible becomes possible."

About John, from his friends:

"I have been humbled and extremely grateful to get to know a man who, in the face of his adversities, chooses to find things every day to be grateful for and to always keep his smile. John encourages everyone that crosses his path to live their best life.

This is John's story, as told to me by John, and transcribed by me over a series of interviews from October 2021.

I am honored to have shared this journey with John. He is an inspiration and a person who, once you meet him, will make an indelible mark on your life."

- Maria Lamari

"As we read John's life story, those who do not know him personally will now know who he is. A genuine friend to all. A person who looked to give advice or help a friend in any way possible.

John can adapt to any situation and find a positive direction within his ability. Even near the end, he still says, "I'm good," because at that moment, despite his ALS], he is good. Reminding me and everyone he cares about to BREATHE, do what you love, and never lose your smile..."

- Matty Reinhardt

"All of that John] just given me an odd thought. At the end of the day, could this all simply be Johnny's world, and we're just living in it... Well, should that turn out to be the case, I think I'd be cool with that.

Love you Johnnyboy, now and forever..."

- Kevin

If you like what you read in this book, you can check out John Giacomazzi on Facebook: (https: //www.facebook.com/john.giacomazzi) or Instagram (@peacock64) and watch all his videos.

Product Details ISBN: 9781088040256
ISBN-10: 108804025X
Publisher: Matthew Reinhardt
Publication Date: October 12th, 2022
Pages: 196
Language: English